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The Gay Teen Stories That Have Grabbed My Heart

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Beyond The Rain
by Grasshopper
A Gay Teen Love Story - Overcoming The Barriers - A Short Novel ♂♂
This is the story of Billy Carmedy and Aaron Sorensen.  It’s tough enough to be a straight boy in a small town high school looking for the love of your life. But at least your possible loves are all out in the open. It’s much, much tougher when you’re a 17 year-old gay boy, part of only 10% or less of the school population and your possible loves are all in hiding, just as you are, due to the fear of being socially ostracized, laughed at, condemned and physically harassed by your peers. Add to this mix the complete rejection of Aaron by his parents due to religious bigotry when he trustingly came out to them and you have the challenging but beautiful story of how two personable and intelligent gay boys circuitously find each other and somehow survive.  If you're looking for descriptions of hot teen gay sex, this is not the story for you.  
Click on the image or Chapter 1, to begin:  

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9   Epilogue

Story Copyrighted by Grasshopper © All Rights Reserved.  Story reposted here with permission.  I am displaying the above image because it expresses the perfect tone for the positive end of this story, "Beyond The Rain".  The image is the copyrighted property of iomfats.org and it is being displayed with the site owner's permission. 

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Summer Smiles

By Cynus


A Gay Teen Short Story ♂♂ -  Newest There's this boy in his class who's withdrawn, quiet, hurting. Fourteen-year-old Nick watches him as the months pass, trying to catch a glimmer of happiness, a smile. He wants to comfort him, to get to know him, to be close to him. But he also knows that the boy's heartbroken, and that there wasn't any way Nick could replace what the boy lost.

And then he smiled. He smiled when the teacher reminded us that it would soon be summer vacation. Maybe there is a chance for happiness to return to him. And maybe there is a chance for Nick to turn his daydreaming of that boy he watches staring out of the window into a reality, and one brighter and happier as well. This story will make you smile too.  Click Here or on the image to read the story. 


Story is reposted here with Cynus' permission. Summary by Lil' Octopus. Image from pinterest.com

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Days of Silence
by Viv

A Gay Teen Love Story ♂♂  
A Gay Teen Short Story ♂♂  - It’s been four years since Justin kissed his best friend Lucas when they were both just 12. Then Justin, afraid of what it meant, afraid of how he felt, afraid of what it made him, ran and has been running from and avoiding Lucas for these four years. The thing about running is that no matter how fast you run, the past always catches up with you, and when faced with his past and all the things he’s missed, Justin finds he doesn’t want to run anymore. Now Justin wants to try to make things right with Lucas; he wants his best friend back. But maybe it's too late. Maybe Lucas has moved on. Read the story to find out if Justin is successful. This story isn't only about internalized homophobia and the hurtful things it leads gay kids to do to themselves and others. It is much more about truth, love and hurt and coming to terms with those things, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself enough to hold yourself accountable. This is a beautifully written gay teen short story by Viv.  Enjoy.  Click Here or on the icon to read the story.

This story and the images are posted here with Viv's permission. This story and the Days of Silence Image are the copyrighted © property of the author and are not to be copied or posted elsewhere without written permission of the author.
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Gary Lynn's current favorite golden oldie this side of heaven is the Bee Gees doing "For Whom The Bell Tolls" in their mountaintop and ocean shore video. It was released as their second single from their album 'Size Isn't Everything' in 1993. It peaked at No. 4 in the UK Singles Chart. I hope you like it.


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My Best Friend

by Gee Whillickers

A Gay Teen Coming of Age Story ♂♂

What's it like for a young teen of barely 14, trying to cope with all the normal problems of adolescence, and wrestling with the realization that he's gay on top of all that?  Luke struggles with accepting himself and with the idea of coming out, as well as trying to find a boy who he can love and be loved back in return. Narrated from the unique viewpoint of his loyal dog Worf, find out how he deals with it all and how those important to his life help.  Click Here or on the icon to read the story.

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God Made Me This Way
by Grant Bentley

A Gay Teen Short Story ♂♂
Church is so confusing for Zack.  His new pastor preaches nothing but hate and condemnation of gays and lesbians, but no matter how carefully he reads his Bible, he can’t find where it says God hates him.  Will things change when Zach's boyfriend Billy suggests that they all go to his church instead?    Click Here or on the icon to read the story. Story Copyrighted by Grant Bentley © 2009. The story is re-hosted here with the author's permission. All Rights Reserved.
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Exclusive  -  Exposed  -  The Homosexual Agenda
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And Two Christmas Stories

A Gay Christmas Carol
by Bill W

A Short Novel - Pat Righteous was a pious and honorable conservative minister of God - or so he thought. He did not agree with certain things including the acceptance of homosexuals, granting gays equal rights, or the approval of non-traditional forms of marriage. Follow this tale modeled after “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens as Pat Righteous takes the part of Scrooge. The Three Spirits have many things to teach our Pat Righteous especially since it turns out to Pat's profound surprise that his own adolescent son is gay.  Click on the image or Chapter 1, to begin:

Chapter 1        Chapter 2        Chapter 3        Chapter 4        Chapter 5 


 Based on an original story of the same name by Bill W; Copyright © 2000-2009 by BW, All Rights Reserved; used by permission; modeled after “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

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Halim's Lament

by Paul Schroder

A Short Story - Halim, age 12, is keeping watch over his fathers flock of sheep on a very special night. A year earlier his faith in God was destroyed when he witnessed a violent rape and murder. He has grown bitter and angry and unable to understand what sort of God allows horrible things to happen to wonderful people. Can his faith be restored?  This story reminds us that the attempted male-on-male gang rape of the two visitors (Angels) in the Genesis 19 narrative of Sodom & Gomorrah has nothing to do with modern day loving and monogamous gay and lesbian relationships.  Click Here or on the icon to read the story.



Click for Coming Out in Middle School - by By Benoit Denizet-Lewis - New York Times Magazine


It All Started With A Kiss - source: milkboys.net -Click on the image





My Other Favorite Gay Teen Stories

Short Stories: (alphabetical order-All stories complete, except maybe Comicality's which may go on for eternity, ha-ha)

Name; Author of Story (Website); Ages of Main Characters; Story Is About:
8th Grade  (in 3 parts); Cole Parker (Awesome Dude); 13; Popular, athletic Brad and shy, studious & friendless Danny get together over Algebra & big problems with their teacher, Mrs. Graedon. 

A High School Valentine; L'il Octopus (Awesome Dude); 17-18; Ryan has problems... though like most kids on the threshold of sexual awareness he only knows life sucks... he isn't clear about why. His mother rants on and on about the iniquity of his school having a gay straight alliance. She's quite safe about that, as Ryan is too shy to join, or is that scared?  His only friend is a dog so the question of boy or girl-friend hardly arises... until he gets a valentine... from the least likely boy in the school.

How will his mother react? How will Ryan cope? Read it... it's a lovely tale of courage and opportunity with support to be found in the least likely of places. The question is where will he find the courage to defy his home-homophobe!

His support is his dog, who doesn't understand the subtleties of human sexuality

L'il Octopus has done a beautiful job of evoking the joy and uncertainties of your first valentine, and the potential disasters they can precipitate.  Lots of Love. No sex.  Review by Solsticeman.   (March, 2014) 

At The End Of The String; Simon Jimenez (Awesome Dude); 8 to 17; "I was on my way to talk to Brody when the car hit me". . . . . . "A dark figure emerged from the shadows, half-lit by the glittering streetlight and the pale glow of the moon". . . . .  . . "huge black wings erupted out of her back like a blooming rose. She was beautiful." . . . . "I knew who this woman was. 'Are you Death?'" . . . . . “'Most people have something holding them down to this world,' she said, 'like a tether on a balloon. It could be something material, a person, or persons, an unfinished goal. There are many reasons to want to keep living. I wonder, Harbor, what is yours?'

I smiled just thinking about it. 'His name’s Brody.'

Her hand stroked my cheek so gently I wanted to cry. 'Tell me about him,' she whispered."

And Harbor does.  And you will be transfixed as Harbor's first friend comes to life in his memory in this Coming-of-Age Tale with a gay twist.  Enjoy. 

Between Frost and Flames; Lil' Octopus (Awesome Dude); 15; Ethan, 15 and gay, has been raised in a difficult family and has been held in his aunt's Margaret suffocating iron grip for all of his life. He has been made to feel worthless and ashamed; with no freedom, only obedience. Yet this begins to change one day when he meets a boy named Jared at his high school who has drawn the meaningful letter 'C' on his right hand. Now Ethan has hope but his behavioral changes are seen as an act of defiance in his aunt's eyes until she catches Ethan and Jared kissing out back under the school's library windows. Then Ethan's life is unexpectedly transformed. Enjoy.

Do You Remember When You Colored The Sky Orange?; Grasshopper (iomfats); 17; Two gay boys, intolerant families and high school.

Downpour; Hylas (Codey's World); 17/18; For three years, Scott had redefined himself from a sweet, caring and kind boy to one with a menacing figure of bitterness and impudence all because of fear, of falling in love with his best friend Tim, who was a boy. All because he couldn't accept that he was gay. Now, Tim is moving away and Scott may never see him again. This is his last chance to confess his love and to reconcile the rift he had created between the two of them. How will he do that, and how will Tim react? There is only one way to find out...  Review by Lil' Octopus, May 2013.

I Just Love Thanksgiving, Don't You?; Grant Bentley (Codey's World); 14; This is about how 14-year-old Jody figured out that he was gay, thought by thought, happening by happening, and what he did to go out and unsuccessfully find a boyfriend, ha-ha. It was only when he had reached a dead end, coincidently enough on Thanksgiving, that things started to look up. You'll enjoy reading this funny but thought provoking short story.  

In The Blink Of An Eye; Grasshopper (iomfats); From 7 to Old Age; 2 lonely gay boys - One rich little boy and one poor little boy meet down by the river bank and it completely changes the trajectory of their lives.

Is Love a Miracle?; Cynus (AwesomeDude); 16; NEW!  Hayden just got asked out on a date by a boy he has been crushing on for almost two years now, and he's nervous! To make matters worse, it'll be his first date, and it's set on Valentine's Day. He really wants it to go well. But, there's one other thing about this day that's important. Hayden always spends Valentine's Day with his mom, and this might be the first time he'll be out with someone else - and a boy at that, to which his mother does not know about. It's an important day for her, but not just because it's a day of love. There's another reason; a sad, painful reason, and it's a reason that she struggles to hide the closer it gets to Valentines. Even in his nervousness and excitement of young love, he quickly picks up that something's not quite right. Truths will need to be revealed. Important truths, that is, on matters of love. No sex.  Review by Lil' Octopus, February 2015.

Issues, Envelopes, & Homophobes; phrineas flogg  (Fiction Press); 16; This is a series of short letters between two students who are unwilling pen pals in the same high school but different English classes. And right off the bat the initial letter writer tells the other that he's gay to discourage the reader from responding. But he does and we're off. This is a great read of 28 super short chapters which can be finished in about an hour. There is a surprise ending.

It’s What ‘Real’ Men Do, You Know; Grant Bentley (Codey's World); 18, 19; Jake, a lonely young gay freshman, bitter and hardened by the homophobic anger and hate that surrounded him growing up, meets Chance, a personable but lonely young sophomore with Cerebral Palsy isolated for no other reason than he was seen to be different. Can they offer each other the one thing they both need at college and in life?  Love.

Jenner & Brown (in 4 chapters); Daniel Self; (iomfats); 14; This is a beautiful and well-written British boarding school tale of how two 14 year old gay boys meet as new roommates and develop a romantic relationship including some very intimate sex.  My attraction to the story is the reaction of both sets of parents when they find out that their boys are queer.  Every gay boy dreams of hearing something like this from his mother:

Daddy and I spoke about you and Chris last night. We both agreed that we would talk with you today, and we both feel the same way. Your happiness and your future are the two things that matter most to us in the world. If your relationship with Chris was adversely affecting your school work then we might have been worried, but it's not, in fact, if anything the opposite seems to be true, and obviously Chris makes you very happy, happier than we have seen you. Christopher is a boy, and I suppose we always assumed that it would be a girl that would be lucky enough to have you for a boyfriend, but as I said, you're a grown up boy now. You know about yourself more than anyone else, and no one has the right to challenge you in that. We love you, and you have always made us proud and that has not and will not be any different because we know that you are gay.

Kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it, because we normally fear the worst when a gay boy comes out to his parents.  Enjoy the story.

Just Out of Reach; Comicality (Comicality's Shack Out Back - Gay Authors); 17; This story deals with the heartbreak that most every gay boy has to deal with-falling in love with a straight boy.  But it's much more complicated when the boy also happens to be your best friend.  There is a minimal amount of sexual content in this story but how it plays out very much serves the whole purpose of the story. 

On The High Plains of Wyoming; Cole Parker (AwesomeDude); 16; The first part of this awesome story seems to be a little slow, but there is a reason for laying this necessary foundation, which shows that gay 16-year-old Mason is an independent and skillful outdoorsman and marksman. Because when you get to day three of his four-day adventure out on the high plains and forests of western Wyoming, you will see how these skills are critical for him surviving this sometimes-violent drama. Since he was accidentally outed in this very conservative and small town when he was 9 years old by his then best friend Elam, Mason has been the subject of beatings and derision at school, without friends and generally ostracized.  But he has overcome his shunned existence by dedicating his otherwise lonely hours to teaching himself how to be self-sufficient.  Read this story to see if it's possible for him to get his best friend and a lot more back. 
One More Adventure; Lil' Octopus (Awesome Dude); 14; NEW! Kevin finds himself alone and bored at home on a summer evening with nothing to do. Unexpectedly, he hears a knock on the door and appears unpleasantly surprised to see his friend, his closest friend, drop by - a friend he hasn't seen or talked to for quite some time. During the last year of middle school a rift had formed between them, but his friend wants to make things right before it's too late. They need to talk, Kevin needs to try again, and to embark on one more adventure before the summer ends - an adventure that will change things, marking the end of a time and the beginning of another.  No sex.  September 2014.

Out Of My League; Gee Whillickers (AwesomeDude); 15, 16;  After reading this story you'll understand the ins and outs of ice hockey and get a feel for why it's the national sport of Canada, for all ages, from 2 to 92.  You'll also understand why there are no gay ice hockey players there, oh wait . . . . . . . . maybe there are, and they're strapping teen boys secretly holding hands on the team bus.  Enjoy.  No sex. 

 'Say' Tetralogy: What Do I Say? by Graeme; Please Say Something! by Grasshopper; Did He Really Say That? by Aaron; Something My Son Said by Dewey - 17; In order for a gay boy to come out to his family and eventually introduce his boyfriend if he is so fortunate to find one,  he needs to say stuff.  Then the parents need to respond and say stuff too.  And sometimes no one knows exactly what to say even when the family is loving and accepting as these families turn out to be.  These stories from different angles about the same two "strong, masculine, normal boys", Will and Aaron, are touching and humorous because there are so few models to follow in the brave new world of increasing gay equality.  No sex.

How not to react when your child tells you he's gay - Dramatic live recording - YouTube Plus A Gay Dad's Beautiful Response to the Rejection

Street Life; Graeme (DeweyWriter); 16; What made Craig try to kill himself?  What circumstances led him to believe that becoming an underage boy prostitute was the only way that he could survive?
Summer Discoveries; Lil' Octopus (AwesomeDude); Julian, 10 to 14, 30 & Taylor, 15 to 19; 34;  L'il Octopus has written a delightful short story, in a single fairly long chapter.
Julian at ten years old has a difficult life with a drunk and domineering father who is prone to wife-beating. Then new neighbors arrive with a fifteen year old son Taylor who adopts Julian as his younger brother, teaching him the things that younger brothers need, like how to rollerblade... and binds the wounds that result. The story revolves around the safety of his new neighbor's house and the danger of his own home... and the eventual intimate love he receives from Taylor versus the danger posed by his father.  One of the questions the story poses is how far loving neighbors can and should go to defend a vulnerable child from their own parent.

The story opens with the now adult Julian, stopped in his tracks not with the memories evoked by the taste of a madeleine, but those aroused by the sound of high church piano music... music very much like that which Taylor had played for Julian sixteen years earlier.  It goes on gently and with empathy to describe how one place and time led to another and what to make of promises made by love struck gay teens.

I recommend this story to you... as always L'il Octopus has given us a tale that is thought provoking and well worth reading.  Little sex.  Review by Solsticeman.   (August, 2013)  

The Bully (In 3 parts); Cole Parker (AwesomeDude); 13-14;  Life in The Hammil Academy - (A British Boarding School)-1970 - I recommend any and all of Cole Parker's Stories

The Gift; Graeme  (DeweyWriter); 15; A loving Dad willingly gives something very special to his gay son after the boy attempts to kill himself.

The Meaning of Living; Dabeagle; 16/17; Everyone was doing it. Chris knew he should've gone home that night instead of going along with Bobby and the rest of the gang. But he didn't, and he got caught for vandalism - spray painting a elderly gay man's garage with unsightly drawings and homophobic taunts. By refusing to reveal the names of the other guilty teens who were with him at the time of the incident, Chris is sentenced to community service to help the older man, Mr. Grantham, with various jobs around the place until he agrees to come forward with the identity of the kids involved. As he is doing his work two important events happen: First, he meets and forms a solid friendship with the Grand Niece and Nephew of Mr. Grantham, Caitlynn and Evan. And secondly, Mr. Grantham slowly leads him to think about his actions, his thoughts and ideas about gay people, and eventually, the meaning of living. Caitlynn and Evan know about the vandalism, but not that Chris was involved. Though Chris is sexually attracted to Caitlynn, things get interesting when Chris discovers that Evan is gay. No sex.  Enjoy.  Review by Lil' Octopus, Oct. 2012.

Valentine's Day; Cole Parker (iomfats); 15; Cory is convinced he's straight and is so attracted to Marcie, but then he meets her future step-brother Robin at their Valentine's Day threesome dinner.

What Ya Doin' In the Dumpster?; Grasshopper (iomfats); 17; How a high school bully inadvertently became a gay matchmaker.  

Whispers From The Past; Grasshopper (iomfats); 17; Brian learns to accept himself as a gay young man thanks to his father's mysterious cousin.

You Are Not Alone; Dewey (DeweyWriter; 15; Mike had just come back from spending 3 weeks with his uncle. Before the trip he had been a normal happy fun loving teenager. But now after his return, he has become impossible; he doesn't want to be touched, he refuses to talk about his trip or what's bothering him, he is constantly taking showers, he puts on thin, fake smiles for everybody, he hardly eats anything at meal times, he loses his temper way too easily, and now he has nightmares every night. Can his best friend Paul on a month long visit figure out what has happened to cause this drastic change and help bring his friend back to the great person he was before the trip?          

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

click on the image - source: milkboys.net


If you decide to have sex with someone you care about, make it safe sex for both of you. 

Nobody has a body to literally die for.

Longer and Very Long Stories:

Name; Author of Story (Website); Ages of Main Characters; Story Is About:
A Class by Himself; Comicality (Comicality's Shack Out Back - Gay Authors); 14-15; This is one of my favorite all time gay teen love stories and one of Comicality's best.  Derrick was recently forced to leave the comfort of his old school to attend a new prep school for gifted and mostly wealthy students on the other side of town because as Derrick put it, he was "so blasted smart." He may not have their money, or their possessions, but once he finds the love of a boy he meets on the long bus ride . . . he finds something much stronger. This is the story of Derrick and Tanner, two kids you're really going to like.  Sex is a feature of this story, but it is woven in beautifully and naturally. These are normal raging hormone teenage boys after all, ha-ha.  A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite not including my featured stories at the top.
A Mourning Storm; Ronyx; (The Mustard Jar); 15-16; This is an awesome and captivating story that once I started it I couldn't stop until I'd finished the whole thing in one night.  Sometimes life isn’t fair. Fifteen year-old Richie Ferguson, who was named after his police homicide detective father Richard, has to learn this the hard way when his mother dies of cancer and he’s forced to live with this same father who left the family two years earlier for another woman.  And he hates this sperm donor with a passion because he thinks that when his mother needed her husband the most during her fight to stay alive, he stayed away and did nothing. And because of that Richie had to grow up way too soon and become the man of the family. It was he that had to bear the responsibility of his twelve year old sister Melinda and his eight year old brother Andrew both of whom he loves dearly.  And now he has to live with his father and his whore Linda and their two boys, Harley and Freddy who are about the same ages as Andrew and himself in the very same house he grew up in.  And Richie's gay even though he's seeing Becky as a cover.  Poor girl as she thinks that Richie is her boyfriend. And because of his fears of the consequences he can't bring himself to tell anyone about his gayness, even his best friend Gabe.   And so Richie’s life becomes a storm as he gets into a series of verbal and physical fights with his father and finally gets his wish to live with his Uncle Raymond and his Aunt Barbara.  And then he thinks that his step-brother Freddy has taken over his room now that he's not there so on one hand he wants to hate him but on the other hand he finds him really attractive.  And when he has to escape the volcano that is his life he meets Wade, a boy with a ton of problems who becomes his first boyfriend but then Wade gets himself and Richie into a horrific car accident that will forever change their lives.  So the question becomes will these tumultuous winds destroy him or will he find a calm sea in time to save his own life?  Yes, there is some intense unprotected sex for a short interval but that is definitely not the focus of this great tale.  Choose this story.  You won't regret it. 

A Pure and Honest Heart; Zambezi (iomfats); 13-14 & 17-18; A heart-warming coming-of-age story of seventeen-year-old poor Brad falling in love with thirteen-year-old wealthy Richie at an exclusive British Boarding School. But Brad has had a beautiful girlfriend Sarah like forever who he thinks he can't live without and this kid is so young. How can this be? Follow this story as Brad is starting the final Upper Sixth year as the leader of his House known for his intelligence and for always doing the right thing and then there's Richard who is just starting out as a new Third Former and recovering from his parents recent difficult divorce.

A Time; Mihangel (Awesome Dude); Tom=1 to 5 & Kim=5 to 9; Tom=13/14 & Kim=17/18;  This story takes place in part in a British boarding school and in the end involves two really likable teen boys who turn out to be serious boyfriends. Now you're probably thinking that you know what this story is all about, nonstop hot gay teen sex. No, actually there isn't any sex here for a couple of good reasons. Firstly we find out that Adrian (Kim) and Tom as little boys, were raised in brutal conditions as almost brothers in a World War II Japanese Internment Camp for civilian prisoners at Tai Po in the New Territories on the Chinese mainland (across from Hong Kong) from December 1941 to 1945. Thousands died of exposure, starvation and disease but somehow through heroic ingenuity and toughness, the boys and Tom's accepting parents made it out alive. So these kids weren't your typical suburban teens. Secondly the story deals with what it was like living in the early 1950's as gay teens in Great Britain where homosexuality was against the law in a serious way.

This is a gripping story that I read straight through in 6 hours which describes the horrific living conditions, torture, sickness, murder and rape that the Japanese soldiers inflicted on British and Australian troops and the captured civilians. If you don't like sad endings then don't start this story. But the beauty of this tale is seeing the depth of the love these two confident and talented boys have for each other in spite of super strict cultural conditions where it was virtually impossible to show their love for each other anywhere, except in the rare privacy of their homes. Because homosexuality was illegal in the British Isles in the 1950's, it was very questionable for two boys to even hug one another at a boarding school, let alone kiss or express their love physically in any other way in the dormitory.  Remember that homosexuality was officially recognized as a mental illness up to 1973 and that the school based Gay-Straight Alliance Network wasn't founded until 1998 in the USA.  This story reminds those who live in the West, just how far social acceptance and legal rights for gays and lesbians have come from those times when being an out of the closet gay meant you were either a social outcast or in jail. This is a truly riveting tale told by a very talented author. Enjoy.  (Review by Gary Lynn, Oct. 2012)

Attitude Adjustment; Cole Parker (Awesome Dude); 17;  Greg Meyers, a senior at his high school, was determined to secure a starting position as linebacker on his school's football team. To do so, he had to beat Kenny Whitmore in a nutcracker drill - a one on one skirmish to show who was the overpowering player. Everybody liked Kenny. With his father's words and expectations in his head, and with a rough and tough jock attitude, Greg was determined to win. He ended up putting Whitmore in the hospital and with an injury that had the potential to end Kenny's football career before it had even begun.

Then came Donnie Ellis, a new player on the team, and he declared to the rest of the team that he was gay. Nobody seemed to have a problem with him. Except Greg. He had grown up with his father spewing homophobic remarks, and it was the basis of what he thought and knew about gays. But after being confronted by Donnie and chewed out by his coach, after quickly noticing that his teammates no longer talked or behaved the same way they used to around him, Greg realized that something needed to be done to change things. There were apologizes to be made and an attitude to adjust. But it wasn't going to be easy. Apologizes were only the start of it, but a character change would require something more, something Greg wouldn't have expected. 
No sex.  Review by Lil' Octopus,  February 2014.

A Two Part Invention; Alan Dwight (Awesome Dude); 13 to 18; It isn't sufficient to have loving parents. If you are a freshly minted gay teenager coming to terms with your situation, then you need tolerant and understanding parents.  Peter's life is overshadowed by the literally unmentionable death of his older brother some seven years earlier. Not only is his mother still grieving to the exclusion of Peter and his physical needs but also to the exclusion of recognition of any successes he has achieved and of any problems he has in his life... and he has problems.

For a start he is somewhat slight of build and late into puberty.   In 1952 typical public schooling in America, neither characteristic is ideal. Besides having a life that revolves around his work at the library and singing in the Episcopal Cathedral Choir, he is also a somewhat gifted pianist. None of these interests can be expected to endear him to his classmates, not friends, he doesn't have any.

With the new school year comes Christian (never call me Chris) himself significantly different from other students in the school which you'll find out quickly once you get into Chapter 2. It takes a joint research project on whaling to bring them together and to break Christian out of his shell, They grow close and that's when tolerance and understanding are in short supply. They can share their music, but sharing more requires as much growth in their parents as it does in the two boys.

This is a well-crafted warm and gentle story with the detail in their lives that rounds them as characters and enough trials and vicissitudes to make you want to know how things turned out. It revolves around their lives and problems rather than sex, which lurks in the room but doesn't intrude.  And remember that all this happens in 1952, when homosexuality was illegal and barely talked about. 

Were boys ever this honest, trustworthy and with this much self-control?  Not in my experience, and I was one, but I'm glad that Alan Dwight has found two that are. They made me feel good, and I'm the better for having read it.  Some sex.  Review by Solsticeman.   (February, 2013)

Black Dog; Alien Son (Awesome Dude); 15,16; Black Dog was how Winston Churchill referred to his lifelong bouts of depression.  Alien Son has written a story in ten chapters, both as a highly creditable literary effort and also as a sort of guide to depression and a warning that the worst thing that you can do is to simply try to tough it out.

Michael, the hero, or is it victim, of the story has the essential ingredients to survival of depression, loving friends and parents... Will they be enough?  His quiet stable life in a small Australian town is shattered when he goes out on his bicycle to fetch some milk. What happens I leave to the reader... it is very traumatic.  He recovers well and his life is heading for stability again when a random event tumbles him into flashbacks and a deep depression.

Surrounded by friends and family, he is seeking, on his own, a way back from the brink when random events once again conspire to provide him with a companion who is himself struggling with a plane-crash of a life. There is a gay element to the story, but that is incidental to Alien Son's strong message...

Get help, at the first sign... and lean on friends and family. They love you more than you think you deserve. Recognise that love and lean on it even when depression tells you that you don't deserve them.

It is a beautifully crafted story, well worth the read. It's also a good read for any young person, because which one will open the door to a black dog is completely unpredictable.  No sex, but a lot of love and what Australians term mate-ship.  Review by Solsticeman.   (June, 2014)

On January 10, 2014 12-Year-Old Riley Hackford-Peer Gave an Epic Emotional Rally Speech About Seeing His Moms Marry in Utah: Article + VIDEO

Brittle as a Bird; Ronyx; (The Mustard Jar); 11 to 18 plus; This is the story of hope even when all seems lost. This is not a pretty story. It's hard to read because of all the blackness in Joey Carpenter's life. It got so bad that Joey threw himself off a bridge in a spur of the moment decision to kill himself. But he somehow had enough will to live that he regretted doing it once he hit the water. A cop rescued him so he was given a second chance at life. But the why as in why did he do it and the charting of his slow and uneven road to recovery is what this story is all about.

His hellish nightmare of a life all started when his beloved Uncle Mike raped him when he was 11. His father then blamed both his uncle and Joey the victim when he caught them naked together. He then beat his son so badly that Joey begged him to just shoot him. And then slowly but surly his father, with his mother's quiet acquiescence removed his son from his own home and the family so that by the age of 16 Joey was living in the garage with no source of funds and with little or no contact with his parents. But then he even loses the garage and has nowhere to live but the street. This gay boy story will take you crisis by crisis down all the way to rock bottom where he has to rent his body, or at least his mouth, for sex on the street to earn any money to live on. And this includes the cheap wine and pot he buys which helps him forget that nobody cares whether he lives or dies.  Remember that he's too young and with no address he can't get a regular job.  He's an outcast at school where Gene Albright his main tormentor and everybody else knows what he does on the street to survive. But amazingly he does get good grades because he's smart and he's determined to show up his parents and school does relieve the boredom and empty spaces in his life.  However he finally  gets so depressed with his friendless and pointless existence that he even quits school.  He believes that everything he touches turns to manure.  Welcome to what rock bottom looks like.

He does truly feel completely friendless but in fact he has two unlikely but true friends, Ticker and Star who in the end are going to save his life. In fact his life was saved as a result of this conversation with Star:

“I don’t know what to do,” I [Joey] cried. “I never know what to do.”

[Star said,] “Then let me help you.”

I nodded. It was then that I realized that I had to trust someone. My life had spiraled so far out of control that I knew that I couldn’t save it by myself. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live the life I’d been living the past five years. After Uncle Mike, I had completely closed my life to anyone and everything.  I had to trust someone.  I trusted Star.

And the question is always with anybody, gay or straight, can Joey find someone to love and be loved to share his life with? Then he meets HIV positive, brittle as a bird Allen on the bridge, a lonely, sickly and tragic figure who even encourages Joey to jump to give Allen the courage to jump himself. Is there hope in this developing friendship, even after 24 year old Allen discovers what Joey does for a living? You will be transfixed following the unwinding of this tale. Yes, there is a middling amount of sexual activity in this story, but the story would be kind of empty without it. A Bridge to Yesterday is the follow up story and it is even better.  A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite.

source: milkboys.net

Cameron; vlista (gayauthors); 16-17; Cameron is a sixteen year old with problems.  After his mother left, his father remarried and he values his new family much more than he does his son, to the point where Cameron is totally ignored.  If you couple that with Cameron's involvement in drink and pot then the fact that he is gay seems the least of his problems.  His one rock is Kyle who doesn't know that his best friend is gay.

What Cameron needs, even if he doesn't know it yet... is a boyfriend.  Cole would be perfect.  He met Cole while partying and Cole is gorgeous, smart and likes Cameron.  The problem is that Cameron was way too out of his mind to be able to remember them having met.  Cole is not impressed!

Things spiral downwards, a natural fate for drunk gay kids. When he hits bottom, help is waiting down there for him, but you don't mess with the Chief of Police when he is set on helping!

At a number of levels the story revolves around the difference between doing good and having good done to you. When the good being done to you is backed up by the giver's Constitutional freedom of bigoted religion it can be just a bit difficult to accept.  It's then that you need unquestioning support from a friend, a best-friend.  Oh Yes, and having someone else to worry about and look after helps too!

The ongoing plot can best be summed up in a line from Cameron's aunt: "Life sure likes to bite people in the ass sometimes."

You will have to read the twenty chapters for yourself to see how it all works out.  What I can assure you is that the story is well written with nicely rounded characters and enough twists and turns (and sexual passion) to keep you entertained and wanting to know what happens next.  Vlista and his site are a great find.  Some sex.  Review by Solsticeman. (May, 2013)

Carter's Army; Christopher Patrick Lydon (gayauthors); 16, 18; This story is the first of a lengthy saga that must qualify as one of the "classics" of the genre. At it simplest it is a geek/jock romance , but the writing is artful and effortlessly explores others themes about class, expectation and parenting in ways that are never laboured or preaching and most importantly never interfere with a well told love story. There are several wonderful characters in addition to the credible lead couple of Will Carter, the British army major's son and Andrew Highmore, the captain of the hockey team in the Canadian high school they both attend.  I haven't read all the sequels, but what I have read have been great as well, so do read on from this one!  Review by Daniel at Queerschool. (Posted here October, 2013)

Caught in the Lower School Bogs; Solsticeman; Nifty; 13, 14; This is a well told and gentle story of 15 short chapters which features two 13 year old boys in Wales set during the post WWII 1950's. In those times the idea of two boys falling in love with each other and carrying on as boyfriends was unheard of and very dangerous unless one of them had a mother like Gray had. The story starts out as just another erotic Nifty story with lots of sex. But then these boys, Jeffrey and Graham realized that they wanted something much greater than sex from each other.  This story can be read in just 2 or 3 hours. I read it because of Queerschool's recommendation. (July 2012)

Charlie; Hamen Cheese (Gay Authors & iomfats); 4 to 18; With a personality brimming with boundless self-confidence and an unwavering ego, Derek has come to believe that he is the embodiment of perfection. As the most popular "smart jock" in his private school - Southmore High - he was both the captain and star athlete of his school's varsity basketball team. In his senior year, he rose to the position of senior batch president, and was given a 1996 Camaro V6 3800 Series 2 from his father as his "perfect royal steed". All the girls couldn't get enough of him, and all the boys were envious of him. He was a perfect son. He looked perfect. He even had perfect memory.

And then there was his best friend, Charlie. Though smart, he was no jock. He wasn't even popular, let alone perfect. They met when Derek came to the rescue when Charlie was bullied while playing in the sandbox. From that day forth, Charlie saw Derek not as Derek, but as Hero. Yet there was something about Charlie that Derek couldn't see. He couldn't see that Charlie was gay. As far as he was concerned, gay people were less than human. And when he finally discovers this irreconcilable difference, that Charlie is in fact gay, he is in for a rude awakening - an awakening that paves the path to the discovery of an unsettling truth and the opening of a door to a place of dark and shameful secrets even his infallible memory could not hold.

Divided into four parts, with each part marking a significant phase in Derek's life, this is a story about the fortitude and perseverance of the bond that anchors two individuals, of the bond that is friendship and brotherhood. It is a story of perfection and imperfection, of mistakes and forgiveness. "But most of all, it is a story of learning and of making the right decisions before it is too late."

This is not just Derek's story. Deeper than that, this is Hero's story.  No sex.  Review by Lil' Octopus,  July, 2013. 
A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite

Closing the Barn Door; Ronyx (The Mustard Jar); 16; Neil Michaels is friends with a group of four other boys who, at that age of sexual awakening, do and say things that are simply dismissed as fooling around and having fun. But Neil secretly knows he is different from all the others. He isn't interested in girls like the others are. The fooling around isn't anything unusual until one summer afternoon where Neil goes with his best friend Owen on a biking adventure to an old barn on Eagle Mill Road, and things get out of hand when Owen reacts badly.

As much as Neil wishes he could take it all back, he learns that "It's too late to close the barn door after the horses have gone out." What has happened has happened, and it can't be undone, as innocent as he may have been in the matter. Owen has now turned into an angry enemy, the rest of his friends have turned against him, and Lucas, the biggest boy in the group with a hatred for "fags" like Neil, intends to make his life a living hell. As the summer soon ends and school starts up again, Neil is forced to face his former friends. By now the entire school knows about him, rumours have been spread, and his first day back, alone without the friends he once had, is only the beginning. Neil's instinct is to run away, to escape and never come back to a life so unfair and cruel. He contemplates ending his life, but he isn't as alone as he thinks he is. No sex except for a little bit in the first chapter. Review by Lil' Octopus,  April, 2016.

Courage and Passion; FreeThinker (AwesomeDude);11, 12; Fifteen Chapters; With an abrupt turn at the end of the summer of 1969, the marked changes in the lives of four boys lead them all toward a single place: to America, to Sheffield, and to the sixth grade at Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School. Robby's final summer days in Austin, Texas, begins with the tragedy of his father, a newspaper reporter covering events in the Vietnam War. Zhenya and his father Alexei Koronov, a Hero of the Soviet Union and a great playwright, are forced to flee their home in Russia from the Soviet Government whilst hiding a special but dangerous family secret. Ethan, a young carefree and budding intellectual, is taken to a protest in Chicago by his parents where things become violent, ultimately resulting in the separation of his parents. Sean lives in Sheffield with his grandfather Anders Lindquist, and is a shy and timid boy which only serves to make him the most easily picked on at school.

The four boys discover each other at their new school and after some resistance from Robby, they become fast friends. Although they come from entirely different backgrounds with the boys each having very different personalities, they gradually bond over similarities and interests, such as music and political views, while being united in their differences as outcasts and victims of bullying. As their friendships develop, each with its own unique dynamics, so does their sexuality and love for one another with heated ferocity and a lot of passion.

Drama of small and large proportions come while boys both good and bad enter the fold as Robby, Zhenya, Ethan, and Sean embark on their youthful adventures in Sheffield. Consisting of many narratives, similar in courage and passion, and unique in love and romance, fear, anger, loneliness, pain, and lust, the boys of Sheffield weave their stories together - the threads of each one joining to create beauty and love from pain and difference. Freethinker has crafted a special story of stories that entertains and moves - a story that elicits and reminds us of emotions and thoughts we may have once had in our own youth - and one that sends sparks flying with sexual energy and exploration. Lots of sex. Review by Lil' Octopus, November, 2015.

David Nearly 13; Caleb Wilson; (Awesome Dude); 12, 17; Fantasy This 9 Part Novella introduces us to a rather well off but lonely nearly 13-year-old boy who is aching for companionship since he only has his butler for company. One day playing by the river he finds what he's been desiring in the most unusual quarter in none other than The Angel of Death. The relationship that develops is something that can only be described as pure love. If you are of a religious nature then read this story, and your views on what you consider the Supreme Being to be, might just well be changed, or if not, it will at least give you a better understanding of what love may be all about.  Little sex.  Review by Old Geezer in London, England. (October, 2014)

Desert Dropping; DomLuka (DomLuka - Gay Authors); 16; Rory is gay and his Mom has just passed away and soon after the funeral his life is completely upended when he finds out that his Mom contacted the father that he never knew he had. Now, he's forced to live in the desert with a very unusual family he doesn't know, and a father he doesn't want to know. Friends will be made and the meaning of family will be found as Rory discovers that everything isn't so bad in the desert after all. There is some sex in the story but the story is not about sex; it is about Rory dealing with a whole new world of opportunities and challenges.

Direct Confusion; Sasha Distan (GayAuthors); 17-18; Luke Mc Bride is that rare thing, a gay high school soccer captain. Well maybe they aren't so rare, statistically one in six high school team captains is likely to be gay... but I digress. What I meant to say was that Luke is gay and OUT! and that is much rarer. Not only is he out, but his friends and teammates are all more or less totally supportive, and I suspect that is rarer still.

He has an over-sexed boyfriend, a geek who is so in-closet that he cuts Luke dead in the halls. The story revolves around Luke's progress from an open but repressed love-life to... Well, you'll have to read the story for yourself to find out where the twins fit in, oops. I hate spoilers so I am not going to précis the plot for you, but...

Luke is going to underestimate all of his friends and overestimate a few as well. Meanwhile, Coach underestimates Luke, who intends to turn his team into champions. Coach thinks he is more likely to turn them into fairies, and... There is the brother in Afghanistan (or was it Iraq?) to factor into the mix. So, all is not necessarily smooth going.

What is fair to say is that throughout all this, Luke has a boyfriend [but you'll have to read the story to find out if it's the same one] who loves sex (and Luke) as much as Luke loves him (and sex). So the story is a joyous sexual romp with young men in their prime. (just, not overnight on school nights... mothers!).

If that all seems too good to be true... well it is... and our young men will need to do some serious growing up if they are to sort out the complications that wild sexual enjoyment brings.  The 28 short chapters are easily digested and it is a delightfully written tale that is a joy to read.  A lot of thinking about, talking about and yes, actual sex.  Review by Solsticeman. (January, 2015)

Dominoes; Cole Parker (Awesome Dude); 15; What if you were a very shy 15-year-old boy and a sophomore in high school and thought that you might be gay and then spilled all of your deepest darkest most embarrassing sexual secrets on the radio where many of your classmates were listening, and then your full name was accidentally mentioned? Would you be able to go back to that school? Would you want to even live another day?  What would you do?

Duck Duck Goose; Cole Parker (Awesome Dude); 14, 15 - 16, 17; Don't let the childish nature of the title scare you off. The title is just the name of the pre-teen game the physical education coaches at this Southern California high school sometimes had their charges play so that 13 to 17 year olds could do stuff together where something other than age would decide the competitiveness of the activity, where the bigger boys wouldn't always win or hurt the smaller ones. So this was the game being played one day which changed the lives of two of the boys in it forever - 16 year old Matt Tucker a junior with loving parents and 14 year old Kevin Ingram, a freshman with an abusive father and a passive mother. Matt breaks Kevin's wrist in this supposedly non-violent game and so this very complicated up and down relationship takes off between Matt who has a hard time understanding that he's gay and Kevin who knows he is.

Like all of Cole Parker's stories, this engrossing 34 chapter plus tale with a message is written so that you really care what happens to the kids in this gay high school love story, whether they're gay or straight. As the story winds down, we even get to see how their lives turn out as they get older. The beginning chapters of this story deal with the challenge any undersized freshman has to go through to survive in high school plus the extra weight of being the son of the head of the Physical Education Department in the same school. Musically gifted and freshman Matt doesn't handle his first year very well and pays a dear price by being beat up, laughed at and ultimately ostracized. But he makes a good decision to tough it out and survives to his junior and senior years with which this story centers on. But the point of this story is mainly about the series of choices Matt makes in his high school years that help him turn out to be the college student and man that he eventually becomes. Because Matt has a solid relationship with his mother who is a psychologist we are privy to the many conversations they have during this time which show his growth from being a friendless, immature and struggling freshman to a confident gay college freshman, at least after that Thanksgiving, ha-ha.  Matt's maturing process also shows how he develops deep friendships with two kids you will really grow to like, Becky and Timothy.  
 A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite


If there is a hell, it is modeled after Junior High. Lewis Black

Dust; Cole Parker (Awesome Dude); 13-14; Dustin is a quiet young boy who has grown up all of his life feeling an outcast among his peers. He is intelligent but withdrawn - his severe lack of self-confidence due to living under the rule of a dangerous, domineering, and abusive father in a multi-story house in an upscale part of town, who despises his own son and forces him into submission and unquestioning obedience. Six months after his mother passes away - the only person in his life who has provided a sense of security and insulation from his father - Dustin is caught masturbating and viewing gay pornography in his room, to which his father kicks him out and threatens to beat him with a baseball bat. With no where to go, Dustin finds himself sleeping on the streets, but the very next day is found by a pimp, Jim, who then brings him in to work as a prostitute. Jim threatens to kill him should he refuse and attempt to escape, and on the next night, he is taken to the streets to work.

Dustin is overcome with fear and defeat, but his first customer that drives by, Briar Wisdom, is in fact a private investigator who has been on Jim's case. Briar has never been good with kids, as the bleak and dangerous life he has lived with the occupation he has, has only provided him with the skills to handle adults - vicious thugs, criminals, and cops. He rescues Dustin and unexpectedly finds himself growing fond and protective of the boy. Soon after, Briar and his girlfriend, Pat, take Dustin in and with that, they begin the start of a family by moving into a new house.

It is in that very summer that Briar takes Dustin under his wing, teaching him new skills as they fix up their new home and build up and strengthen Dustin physically. But what is most important is Dustin's growth in self-confidence, the ability to believe in himself, to make decisions and express his opinions, to persevere and never give up, and to defy and stand up for himself. From a place of fear and a lack of love and support, a victim of neglect and abuse, Dustin embarks on a summer of personal growth and transformation. He finds himself tested and challenged, while guided and supported by Briar through it all. This coming-of-age story explores the development and changes that both affect Briar and Dustin, as Dustin begins to find power and strength in himself, as well as a family, happiness, safety, and love. It is a story of rescue, transformation, and victory; it is a story of believing in yourself; it is the story of Dust. No Sex. Review by Lil' Octopus,  December, 2013.

Exothermic Reaction; Gee Whillickers (Awesome Dude); 14-15; Even the title is intriguing... What is an exothermic reaction?
Well, in non-geek terms it's when the outcome is much greater than the input. Mostly it refers to chemistry. For example, if you hit a baseball and it hits the windshield of a bus, the driver loses control and the twenty nuns in the bus are killed, well... that's an outcome a lot greater than the input. You wouldn't have thought that you could kill twenty nuns with one stroke of a baseball bat!  But I digress, and to reassure the wary, there are no nuns in Gee's tale.

Randall Jordan, the anti-hero of Gee's story is of the opinion that having done what he's done, the only thing left is to make as little further mark on life as possible. He believes himself undeserving of anyone's love and has withdrawn into his shell. He is ignoring everyone; foster parents, school friends and teachers... even his therapist.  Even family? you ask... well, especially family. He no longer has a family. They are dead and he is the only one who knows that he is responsible.  Not that he was there... he was at a sleep-over with his best (but now equally ignored) friend Scott.

If his therapist can't get through to him, what chance do his foster parents or his eighth-grade friend stand?  With a dead family and a kid who won’t take his meds you cannot expect an easy ride. This story is darker and bleaker than many of Gee's, but is a brilliant read. You will really want to know how it is resolved, while wanting to shake some sense back into the hero, if hero he is.  So do give it a go.  It will be one of the best things you'll read this year.  Some sex and a lot of unrequited care and affection.  Review by Solsticeman (October, 2014)

For the Love of Pete; Dewey (DeweyWriter); 12 to 17; This story is a classic. But I'll let you be the judge.  Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1:
"Pete, you said you loved me [Brian]. How do you love me? Like a friend or like a, um, like more than a friend."

He looked me in my eyes, piercing my soul. His gaze never wavered as he said "Bri, I love you. I wanted you to be more than a friend. I have for a long time. But then I realized what that meant. That was one reason I went out with Ashley. I didn't want to be gay." He broke eye contact, looking at his shoes. Another big sigh and a sniffle. "But I am gay and I can't change that. I know that you may hate me and never want to be around me again, but I have to tell you or I won't be able to live with myself. I want you to be my boyfriend. I want you to be with me." He kicked at the gravel we were sitting in, making rocks fly.

I couldn't believe my ears. He loved me. He loved ME! I never will understand why he chose me. As I sat there in silence, I studied his form. His hair was wild right now from his crying, and his eyes were puffy. His beautiful face, flushed and tear streaked, was lined with worry. I stared at him for what seemed to be a long time. He started to shift uncomfortably under my gaze. I thought he was going to get up and go, but I put a hand on his shoulder to stop him. He looked up at me, fear of rejection in his eyes.

"Pete, I don't want to be gay either." Several emotions passed his face at once. Fear, disbelief, relief, joy, love, all within milliseconds of one another. I turned toward him and leaned in closer. "I have loved you since I met you, but I was too stupid to know it. And if I have to be gay to be with you," I said with conviction, "so be it." I moved closer to him and put my lips on his. His initial reaction was to back away, but when he realized what was actually happening, He leaned into me and we kissed for the first time. It was a gentle kiss, full of love and confirming what we both felt for each other. It lasted for eternity and ended all too soon. 
Copyright ©2004 by Dewey
. . . . . . . .
Did that catch your interest? I hope so. This is a beautiful but challenging long running gay junior and senior high school love story between Brian and Pete.  They face an enormous pile of difficulties including Pete's homophobic and physically abusive parents and a long distance move. Follow this page-turner of a story as these boys try to figure out life, deal with intense emotions and are forced to make adult level decisions long before they are adults. This story continues with, "Brian and Pete", "Brian's Destruction", and finally with "The Power Within."  And with all the problems that Brian and Pete have to deal with, they decide to forgo the sex for awhile so that they can grow up a bit physically and emotionally and really get to know each other first.  They want to be together for the long haul.  
A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite

From the Heart; Codey; (Codey's World); Jeremy (10 - 18), Tony (8-16);  Once upon a time there were two inseparable neighbor boys who spent their young lives together doing all the things that boys do growing up which included building a tree house and getting into the usual harmless trouble. These two boys, one gay, one straight, truly loved each other as if they were blood brothers. Hey, they even had a little ceremony which literally had them mixing their blood together. Then one day in their teens a doctor's painful pronouncement changed everything for them but not the love they had for each other; it just refocused and strengthened it.

I have never, ever read a story in my life that moved me more emotionally, that embraced my heart and would not let it go as this one did - and this just started to build up right from the opening sentence to the closing period. This story is incredible as it shows us what deep and loyal brotherly love really looks and feels like. I was emotionally drained after reading it. And it is really awe-inspiring to realize that a very sick 16 year old boy named Codey wrote it. He died when he was 17 in 2007 from the long-term effects of a horrific car accident that happened when he was almost 12 - his mother, father and younger brother were killed in the accident caused by a drunken trucker.  He was in a coma for 47 days and was not expected to live until his 18 birthday which unfortunately turned out to be true. So as I read the story I could see how Codey put all of his heart and soul into this short novel. It has been revealed that this story was a very personal statement from Codey to his friend Tim that all would be OK after he was gone. So there were several places that I had tears running down my face as I read it.  I just identified with both of the main characters, Tony and Jeremy so much, especially Tony because of the deep love and friendship he had for Jeremy and what he was willing to do for his seriously ill friend.  Click Here to go to Codey's Website that is still maintained to this day as a memorial by his many friends.

Oh, and on a lighter note Codey had a great sense of humor too.  You can judge for yourself as he talks about being at a party in this story:  "It didn’t really seem like much of a party. It was just some friends hanging out, eating pizza, drinking sodas, and scratching their balls. I smiled as I remembered the day Jeremy was wondering why, when a bunch of guys get together, there’s so much ball scratching. Personally, I’d never noticed, but after he mentioned it, I noticed that it was true. Now, whenever I was in a group of guys and the ball scratching starts, I have a hard time not laughing. Jeremy and I had finally come to the conclusion that it was like yawning. If someone yawns, soon the people around him begin to yawn. If some guy scratches, the guys around him start to itch too. It was contagious."   A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite

source: milkboys.net

Gay Boy Running; by Rick Beck; 12 to 15. Told in the first person this is the perhaps autobiographical story of the literary awakening of the dimmest candle in the box... if only by his own appraisal.  As the story opens, his illiteracy and a growing awareness of his homosexuality are pre-occupations that make any effort at school seem purposeless.  It takes exceptional teachers and good luck to get a kid out of that downward spiral.  This is not so much a story as an accounting.  I hope the teachers recognise themselves. They deserve to.  

It is worth noting that the layout of chapters is e-book style.  Chapter One is the whole story, with the other links simply leaping to places within it.  Make the most of the read therefore... it deserves it.  It is delightfully gentle and could be a primer for teachers the world over.  Little sex.   Review by Solsticeman   (December, 2013)

Gone From Daylight Series; Comicality (Comicality's Shack Out Back - Gay Authors); 14, 15, 16. If Gay Teen Science Fiction with Blood Sucking Vampires is what you like, Comicality writes the very best, this time with a really likable 14 year old gay boy named Justin as the main character. It's been said that suffering builds character. And there are few that know suffering better than young Justin. Only 14 years old and gay, he has found an easy way out. A suicidal tendency that he is hoping will bring an end to his misery. But when he meets a mysterious boy at the end of Navy Pier one dark evening...he is given an alternative. One that will give him purpose, and set in motion the events that will lead to his ultimate destiny....in a world not like our own.  Some sex and violence, well, duh. . . .  A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite 

Heart of The Tree; Graeme; (Awesome Dude); 18-21; The Tree, a Moreton Bay Fig Tree, was old. It had watched over many generations of local inhabitants. Settlers moving west from Sydney, Australia, recognizing that the area was suitable for farming, had formed the small township of Mourton around The Tree. Even then, the residents recognized something special in The Tree and preserved the land around it as a park. The children enjoyed clambering through the gnarled roots, up between the multiple, twisted trunks, and along the huge, curving branches.

Young lovers enjoyed the cool shade the spreading canopy provided. Many a tryst took place under the protection of The Tree. Slowly, a legend grew. Vows of love taken within the cover of The Tree were true and binding. The Tree was given the appellation “The Lovers’ Tree”, though most locals would shorten that to “The Tree”. Many a wedding was held under those leaves, and the district enjoyed the lowest divorce rate in the country.

The townsfolk loved their tree and protected it to the best of their ability. Three times, though, that protection wasn’t enough. Three times, The Tree started to die. Three times, a young maiden, despairing of ever finding love and considering suicide, found her beau in a stranger to the town. Three times, a wedding was held under the canopy of the dying Tree. Three times, The Tree recovered. Three times, a young maiden was given the sobriquet of "Heart of The Tree." The last time had been just after World War II. Since then, The Tree had faithfully cared for the children, protected the young lovers, and comforted the older couples.

One night in late November, a drifter came into town. Filled with a sickness in his heart, he lay down beneath the tree and fell asleep. He never woke up. The sickness in his heart, though, spread to the tree. The fourth time had arrived. But this time The Heart of The Tree turned out to be someone nobody ever expected. It was a he and not a she, he was gay - and the fun and complications begin. This is a story that I highly recommend.
 A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite  

Hiraeth; Huw Jones (AwesomeDude); 14-16; Set in the late 1960s in South Wales, United Kingdom, Huw Jones, a lad at the tender age of 14, has had a childhood strife with traumatic experiences of pain and loss.  At 11 years old he experiences an incident of unwanted sexual contact by an older boy.  At the age of 12, Huw's father - a guide, mentor, and friend - was taken away from him and his family in a tragic workplace accident at the coal mine, leaving behind only fond memories of the times they were together. After his father's death, Huw's childhood ceased to continue and he began developing a burdensome sense of responsibility to his family, and the familial conflict between his mother and his loving paternal grandparents results in an estranged relationship.

However, Huw's story  really begins with the Aberfan tragedy of 1966, where a massive landslide of colliery mine waste swept down the mountainside and into the village, taking with it 144 lives. Among them were his beloved younger brother and sister during their day at school. Rife with grief and loss, his mother's sanity slowly slips away to the point where he can no longer take care of her.  Because he has no other known relatives, Huw is forced to leave his institutionalized mother and his home in Aberfan when he is placed in the care of religious, dictatorial, and heartless foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Salisbury.  One good result of this placement is the friendship he makes with his foster brother, a kind-hearted boy his age named Tomos.  Huw  also finds solace in the opportunities he has to stay with his school friend Lewis.  When Mr. Salisbury violently beats Huw and Tomos in what he wrongly perceives to be a display of homosexuality, Huw escapes, resolving to end his despair, grief, loss, and pain by jumping into a weir. He is saved, but soon after moves far away to live with an aunt who he has never met, effectively ending his connection to the two boys, Tomas and Lewis.

Huw's journey, however, is far from over as his second chance at life comes from that timely rescue from death. Driven by hiraeth - a Welsh term with an approximate English definition of a nostalgic, wistful, and steadfast longing to return to his homeland of Wales - and afflicted with the burden of a gaping sense of loss, Huw plows onward along a bleak journey to fill in that void, all the while in search of love, family, joy, and identity.  Read this beautiful story to find out if he is successful.   P. S. He is.  There's some implied sex, but just no details, ha-ha.   Review by Lil' Octopus,  Feb. 2013.
Innocence Lost; Free Thinker (AwesomeDude); 11, 10; Set in Fremont, Kansas, Timothy Holbrook is innocent and happy. He finds pleasure and beauty in his life - from laying in the park on the summer days after the end of fifth grade, to settling down in the comfort of his home to read a book, and of the joy and pride he feels from and for his father. It's a simple and innocent life. However, he begins noticing little things, odd things, new things that he doesn't understand begin entering his world. Lying in the park, the cool breeze against his thighs makes his heart pound, the stiffening sensation between his legs have slowly become an often occurrence, and Will Robinson on the reruns of Lost in Space look...nice.  Really nice.

And then, he sees another boy in the park - Trevor Huckabee - a new boy from out of town. A boy reading a book just a he was. A boy who looked...nice. Someone he wanted to go up and say 'hi' to. And yet it was strangely difficult to do so. Timothy didn't know why, but he knew that he liked this boy and wanted to be friends with him. The next day Timothy comes back to the park hoping to find this boy and with a resolve to talk to him...but finds that an annoying classmate, Daniel Weinberg, gets to the boy first. That begins the story of young and innocent Timothy Holbrook, of friendship and adventure, family, and young love, in Fremont, Kansas, 1968.  Little sex.  Review by Lil' Octopus,  April 2014. 

I'm From Driftwood is an apolitical forum for amazing personal LGBTQ stories from every age, race, gender, background and culture. The stories deepen our understanding of each other, preserve history, and open hearts and minds.  Click Here or on the image. http://.com/

I'll See You Down There; Solsticeman (iomfats, Awesome Dude); ages 13 to old-age; NEW - This is the third novel in Solsticeman's Axis Trilogy. In each book he has set a different boy on life's path, but on the wrong side, the Axis (Germany, Japan, Italy) rather than Allied side (United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, China, etc.) of World War Two. The three boys are essentially morally sound, so how do they cope with being on the morally suspect side.

This story starts with a man meeting a young boy. The boy is agile and brave, and the man is a parachute instructor in the Fallschirmjaeger, the Luftwaffe's (Germany) parachute regiment. Then as now they were an elite special-force. They more or less single-handed captured Belgium, Norway and Crete.

So, what happens to a boy adopted as a mascot by such a force?

That the boy is gay simply compounds life's challenges. To see how a courageous gay boy becomes a courageous gay parachutist, read Solsticeman's story. This is his usual mix of accurate history with the addition of fictional characters. If you are young and gay, you may leave his story older and braver. If you are old... well hopefully you will find a feel-good factor to keep you warm. A little sex. October 2015.

Joel; Ted Louis (Ted Louis); 12 - 18; Physically and sexually abused by his father, then locked in a garden shed without food, Joel spends the night digging his way out through the hard dirt floor with only his hands and a sharp stick. As he reenters the house, he is confronted by the sight of his abuser shooting and killing his mother. After being threatened by his father, the traumatized boy flees the house and wanders in a daze. Crane Johnson, a wealthy twenty-nine year old bachelor, volunteers time coaching with a policeman friend in the policemen's baseball league for teenage boys. At the completion of one of the team's games, he discovers a lone boy about twelve years old sitting in the bleachers. The boy, dirty, disheveled and unable to speak, appears to be traumatized and can't or won't reveal who he is or where he lives. The boy attaches himself to Crane.  Later Crane discovers that the boy, now known as Joel, has three brothers who were found by police abandoned and locked in a closet of their home.  Set in the beautiful and peaceful South Texas hill country, Crane uses his wealth to fight official corruption and prejudice to keep Joel (who turns out to be gay) and his brothers. The only down side to this story is that it is a little slow in its development.

Just Hit Send; Grasshopper (iomfats); 15 - 30; Two depressed and lonely 15 year-old boys, blond haired and green eyed Jordon and curly black haired and blue eyed Danny meet in an Internet gay teen chat room and their lives are forever changed. But this love at first contact Florida relationship is complicated by two major factors: First of all, Danny is disabled and mainly has to use a wheelchair, though he fights for all he's worth to be able to walk around on his braces. But Jordon doesn't see a disabled teen then man; he just sees the person he loves with all his heart. And secondly, Jordon's father is a religious homophobe, and his dark shadow haunts much of the tale. The story takes you through Jordan and Danny's High School Years, College Years, Interim Years and their Happy Years, from 15 to 30. Beginning in their college years, these two boys begin the building of what will eventually be a very large and unusual family, but one that is filled with tons of love. As the boys head into their college years, you will find appropriate descriptions of their sexual activities normal to that age. This emotional story is Grasshopper's Tour de Force, his crowning achievement out of all his exceptional stories. Choose this story!   

Kenny; Charlie or Charlieje (Nifty); 12 and 14 to old age; This is the story of Kenny and Charlie and their life together as gay lovers beginning when they were 12 and 14 respectively all the way up to old age, grandchildren and death. Though as the author tells his readers, he started to write just "another erotic story" in 1999 it turned into something very special and somewhat autobiographical as the memories of his own life came flooding back. The story is a mixture of fact and fantasy. I (Gary Lynn) really related to this story because it deals with growing up as a gay or bisexual teen at the same time I did, in the repressive 1950's. Though it is very difficult to come out as a gay teen now, it was virtually impossible back then due to suffocating ignorance and homophobia and because there was no Internet, meaning that there was no access to support or accurate information on what it meant to be gay or bisexual. Back in the 50's and 60's nobody knew anything about homosexuality except that it was thought to be a mental illness, and/or a choice and a disgusting depravity. This repressive atmosphere led both gay young men in this story to get themselves into straight marriages so that they could be "normal"; one marriage was a disaster while the other turned out surprisingly well because the woman had a big heart by letting her husband keep his gay partner in his life. There is a lot of explicit sex as the boys get it on really fast, ha-ha, but the greatest interest is how they both somehow survive through all the decades of their lives despite all the odds against them. This was a story that was hard to put down.  Another note of interest is the abundance of jobs in those decades seconded by my own experience, in stark contrast to the scarcity of work in the USA today (2011). 

Life From A Distance-Ben; Dewey (DeweyWriter); Birth to 13;  How does Ben, a 12-year-old boy handle the sudden death of his identical twin, Mike, in a bicycling accident that both he and his parents feel that somehow he is responsible for?  But it really wasn't his fault.  And how does this all affect the relationship with Ian who was both of the boys' best friend? The twins, who went through life almost as one person because they were so close, realized soon after their 12th birthday and their budding puberty, that they were probably gay or bisexual. But though they both thought Ian, who was a few months older, was really hot they decided together to treat him like a brother and therefore off limits for any romance for either of them. But, then the accident at the canal interrupted their lives a few months later and the heart of the story plays out.

I really loved this intense and emotional coming of age gay love story because in spite of the problems Ben has to go through in his young life, there was a happy ending - think boyfriend.  You're really going to like Ian's parents Ed and Liz, Dadtwo and Momtwo to Ben and Mike, who turn out to be the people who seem to know exactly what to say and do when the distraught Ben has thoughts of suicide and in all the other many difficult moments in the story. The stress in the tale is driven by Ben's own more distant parents who don't  handle the death well at all and are constantly fighting with each other as a result. The shouting hurts Ben deeply and drives him to run away, several times actually, and with the help of the police or other friends, sometimes winds up staying with Ian and his family for a time. Ian's family includes Ian's younger brother, Murray nicknamed Rayray, who is a good guy and plays an important supporting role in the story.  Not every younger sibling is a pain in the behind.  Now this is where the love that Ian's family have for each other and Ben come to the rescue of the twin who was left behind as Ben so many times feels.  Now read this great story as it shows how Ben is able to deal with the immense pain of having both just lost his twin, the glue which seemingly holds his life together and also the possible divorce of his parents.  There is only a minimal amount of sex, but enough to give the needed context to the story. Enjoy! 

source: milkboys.net

Matthew Figures It Out; Ehman Penn (Dabeagle); 14 & 15; This story is a compelling page-turner that you won't want to put down. It took me just 3 nights to finish the 23-chapter story (OK, so I'm a slow reader, ha-ha). 14 year-old shy, friendless and lonely Matthew Jordon grew up as a city kid in Sausalito, California where his dad worked for a bank across the bridge in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to Matt, his parents move the family to the very Southern more rural area outside of Charlotte, North Carolina not because they have to for work related reasons, but so that their only child can get a chance to sort of start over and make friends in a new environment. And Matt comes through as he makes two friends in the first month at his new high school - fellow freshman, good-natured and brainy Tommy Johnson, the son of a college professor and athletic, universally-liked and good-looking sophomore Chris Briggs, son of the ill-tempered high school baseball coach. Tommy becomes the supportive younger brother and best friend that Matt had never had. And as for Chris, at this young age Matt has admitted to himself that he is attracted to him and therefore Matt figures out that he is very-likely gay. But that turns out not to be a big problem at home because of his very loving and accepting parents. But then it gets complicated; Chris has a girlfriend, an alcoholic mother and an abusive father and both parents are homophobic. And Matt does figure things out as the dark secrets in his new boyfriend's family get exposed one by one. This story centers on the developing relationship between Matt and Chris; it lets you know who these 14 and 15 year old teens are and what they have to deal with inside - their fears, insecurities, strengths and weaknesses. And yes some of those thoughts center on sex, which is normal. There are some descriptions of their limited sex that are presented, but if you're reading this story for only the sex scenes, you're going to be very, very disappointed, ha-ha. It's not that kind of a story.   A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite

Middle School; Cole Parker (AwesomeDude); 13; How can Marc tell his best friend that he's in love with him when he's sure that he's straight? And then how does he get up the courage to say, "Mom, Dad, I think I’m gay.”

Mother's Gift; Boudreaux (Story Lover); 15 to 18; Cotton is the new kid in town on the first day of high school. He is an old hand at that, though, because he has already moved eight times in his life. With every new location, there is a time for adjustment. Unfortunately, the move isn’t the only thing he has to adjust to this time. Cotton is growing up and noticing people in ways he never thought of before. What is going on with him, and how will it affect his life in yet another new town? From the left column "Authors" click on Boudreaux then click on Mother's Gift or you can click on "Authors" on the top Menu bar and then on Boudreaux.. Actually all of Boudreaux's stories are good. Enjoy.

My Only Escape; Comicality (Comicality's Shack Out Back - Gay Authors); 14-15;  My Only Escape is a highly respected classic from Comicality dealing with physical and mental parental abuse and more. . . . Zach has friends. He makes decent grades. He's what most people would consider a 'good boy'. But Zach hides a painful secret from the rest of the world. It goes deeper than the cuts, bruises, and scars, his father puts on him. And unlike those minor injuries. . .it's never going away. Zach is gay, and he's just recently fallen for someone who makes it hard to hide it anymore. Will Zach find the love and strength he's looking for in Brody's arms? Or will his father's daily verbal and physical abuse cause his heart to collapse once and for all?

New Brother; Graeme (DeweyWriter); 14, 15, 16; Adam was kicked out of his home because he was gay.  In this story we find out who his true friends are and how he finds a new family.  Sometimes Love does indeed win out.

Nice Try!; It's Only Me From Across the Sea (iomfats); Jake 11-14, Pete 13-16; This is a three part story about boys at an English Public School, a private boarding school in the British tradition of sport and academic excellence.

The hero, Jake, is quietly progressing through an uneventful puberty, marked by chastity and silent masturbation after lights-out. Again in the best British school tradition, there would be sex if he wanted it. Every school had its tart. But Jake isn't that sort of boy... He is the scrum-half, the star of the House rugby team. They sing bawdy songs in the showers and swap girly mag's. They aren't, you know... well they just aren't!

Then to his consternation friendship, love and hero-worship collide, and that accounts for three separate boys! All suddenly wrapped in confusion, embarrassment and...love.

The second story is a prequel to the first, so you must read it second, not first or you will... well anyway, don't read it first!  The complications that come with love and the realisation of one's homosexuality are not helped when the only other gay boy to identify with, the school tart, is such a revolting role model. Of course the school can have more than one tart, and that just adds to the confusion, particularly for the narrator. He is another who is trying to reconcile himself to his sexuality while surrounded by five hundred more or less attractive boys. One of whom he desperately wants to know better, a lot better!

In the third part we see the boys attempting to sort themselves out in a whirl of emotions and confusions.

Was school really like this? Well if it wasn't, it should have been, and with authors like iomfats willing to show their hearts on their sleeve and able to more than entertain us with tales of gentle non-pornographic love... then it can be again.  It is certainly how I would prefer to remember school.  Read it.  I enjoyed it.  I think you will too.  Some sex.  Review by Solsticeman   (February, 2013)

"It's not about my happiness anymore. It's about both of us being happy...together. Just us. The rest of the world be damned. All I ever wanted was you." - Ryan, New Kid In School - Chapter 48, Comicality
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I wish I was cuter. I wish I could, like, be super gorgeous for him so he'd fall all over himself and want me.....I wish....I just wish I wasn't me. I never want to be me." - Zack, My Only Escape - Chapter 7, Comicality

Nights and Days; Mihangel Hwntw; (iomfats); 15, 16; The little light inside of Justin that sustains him dims and weakens day after day, night after night. Only his friend Robert, and perhaps a small part of his mother, are the only people keeping him from falling apart as he constantly has to put up with being used as a slave in terms of the work he's given and in terms of his families treatment of him as a second class citizen in both his home and the Anglican church because his stepfather is the vicar.  His father is unknown to him and he is literally - although not the most graceful term - a bastard. But one day, his light grows a lot brighter when he meets an attractive and intelligent gay boy named Gavin on a train ride who it turns out has many if not most of the same interests as Justin. This intellectually stimulating read explores the concepts of Fate, God, Christianity, while stylistically playing with oppositions, dualities, poetry, and even treating us (the reader) with a clever ending.  Review by Lil' Octopus, Sept. 2012.

On The Wire; Chris James; at iomfats or Awesome Dude; 15 to 18;  Alan is a cop... and a survivor of sexual abuse when young. That gives him an insight into how abusers work, and a determination to put them behind bars. He persuades his employers to provide a modest budget for his new department, and his 4 man team is up and running.

Austin on the other hand is a cute gay kid with big problems of rejection at home and an Internet friend who invites him to the city... to join a ring of beautiful, OK, there's no nice way to say this, underage boy prostitutes, providing specialised relief for the city's wealthier citizens. That's when things start to go wrong.  It's also when Alan identifies a number of the kids in this ring, and determines to catch their handlers.

The story is a graphic warning of the consequences of trusting "friends" on the web, and a warning to the predators that no matter how well run the service... you are likely to get caught in the long run. There are just too many loose ends to keep it all together.

How the story plays out, whether the good guys or the bad guys win, and who gets hurt in the process, I leave to the reader to discover. It is an exciting and well-written story of cops and robbers (well some cute kids are robbed of something irreplaceable).

Whether Alan manages to work his way through the problems left from his abused childhood... well that too I leave you to discover for yourselves. Oh yes, and if you are young and thinking of leaving home to meet your new best friend... read this nine chapter plus epilogue story first!  Some sex.
Review by Solsticeman and Gary Lynn.   (February, 2013)

One Life; Ryan Keith (AwesomeDude); 17, 18; This love story between two first year Canadian University students begins with a boy-meets-boy scenario.  But then it manifests into an emotional tale that allows the reader to understand that gay monogamous love is real, it is equivalent to straight monogamous love and that true love lasts forever. Delve into the lives of Jaylin and Tyler, two boys from starkly different worlds, as they find true love and become one essence, one being, sharing one life.  Review by Lil' Octopus, Sept. 2012.

Return with Honor; Cynus (AwesomeDude); 18 to 21; If you are like me, every now and then you get a knock at the door and standing there are two young men dressed in sober suits and carrying Bibles. My reaction is to say "not interested if you are Mormons!" and then go pink when they say they are Jehovah's Witnesses. But, let's assume they were Mormons; they are clearly young, school-leavers or university students... and normally Americans. So, what has brought them to blight our doorstep right round the world from Utah... what are they doing?
This story answers those questions. It takes us to the world of youngsters in training to become "missionaries", preparing to be shipped around the world to somewhere the Church of Latter Day Saints is holding a campaign. Why are there two on the doorstep? Well, they are paired up for the two years of their missionary stint, not for company or support, but to keep watch on their partners moral rectitude! They are not permitted to separate, even to take mail to the post-office... for two years.
So what becomes of a closeted gay boy who falls into this moral morasse? How will he survive two testosterone driven years? and, are there others like him in his intake? Can he remain true to his promises, can he resist temptation... can he find love? Will his new friends risk disaster by protecting him, or will they be self-righteous like the church leaders in general. Bear in mind that all Mormons owe love to each other. Is it all too difficult?
This is a nicely told story of teenage angst in the face of an intolerant religion. It isn't necessary to be religious to get the most out of this story, a healthy cynicism will get you through. It is a fascinatingly carefully drawn background for a story of love, intolerance and temptation.
I got great pleasure from the story, even if the religious and Mormon aspects left me smugly satisfied with my status as a lapsed-Anglican-chorister atheist. My recommendation is to give it a good go. If you like it as much as I did because of the quality of Cynus' story telling then great. However far you make it, you will have learnt a great deal more about The Church of Latter Day Saints and can dislike its message and its presence on your doorstep from a position of greater knowledge. You may even feel sorry for the missionaries, but... don't let that make you invite them in... you'll be sorry! Little sex, but a lot of temptation and thinking about it.  Review by Solsticeman  (January 2016)

Scholarship; Ian John Copeland; Smashwords; 11, 12, 13; On the surface this moderately long story is about life in a quality but strict mostly secular 1960’s British Boarding School in Cornwall, England for boys of primary school age (USA comparison). It is located in a very beautiful coastal setting, where the development of overly close relationships between the boys was highly frowned on, especially between boys of different grades or forms.

But really the focus of the story is what was going on in the relationship, deeply and beautifully detailed, between 11-year-old Sacha (5th Form) and 12-year-old Pip (6th form), part of which concerned the very innocent, subtle and furtive physical dimensions of the relationship. There is no sex in the story, but there doesn’t have to be since the story is about the intense relationship. And this is why this very British English story is so attractive and impressive as an easy to read analysis by the author into the intimate details and complications in the boys' relationship and all the misunderstandings mostly due to their young ages and backgrounds.  The whole aspect of being attracted to someone of the same sex and what to do about it, if anything, at that age in a repressive environment is seriously and thoughtfully looked into. Remember that homosexuality was erroneously thought to be a mental illness and a depravity, and homosexual sex or sodomy was against the law in those times, most everywhere.

I send thanks to queerschool.com for directing me to this beautiful story, but a story that ends on a serious and sad note. Sometimes relationships made at 12 are not made to last. Young boys change into teens and move on, and learn from their past experiences, hopefully.  Enjoy!  (Dec. 2012)

Shades of Gray at Awesome Dude or iomfats by Solsticeman; 13; This is a beautiful love story of two 13 year old boys, Jeff and Gray, at a British Grammar School in the 1950s. They live in a Welsh mining village whose tough culture would ordinarily be unsympathetic to their love. They live before Stonewall and Wolfenden... the future for two gay teenagers looks very bleak... but they have Gray's mother.  Gray's mother seems to understand them and removes obstacles from their way. Perhaps she can make it work for them. We can only wonder what motivates her, and makes her the true hero of the story.  Some sex. (February 2013)  [milkboys.net was the source for the above picture of two young boys kissing]

Someday Out Of The Blue; Little Buddha (AwesomeDude); 14, 15, 16; Someday Out of the Blue is a 26 chapter long novel that really grabbed my interest, so much so that I read it twice. This should be a young gay teen classic in a few years because it has all the ingredients. It's got so many ups and downs and twists and turns  you can never relax and think that our young hero finally has gotten his life together, well at least not until the end, maybe, ha-ha.
The main guy in this story is Conner Matthews a 15-year-old high school sophomore. Conner's life only took a turn for the better when he met 16-year-old Ryan McCormack, quite by accident, literally. After school one day, Conner was taking a shortcut across the high school sports field where lacrosse practice was in session in order to get to the bus stop on time. Ryan, who was on the lacrosse team and during practice that particular afternoon took a wild shot and hit Conner in the side of the head knocking him flat on his back. Ryan's mother was a pediatrician so instead of taking Conner to the emergency room Ryan talked his coach into allowing him to take the attractive but dazed boy back home where his Mom could look after him. And there Conner met Ryan's equally redheaded 14 year old brother, Toby.  He soon noticed that good looks run in the family, at least for the brothers, ha-ha. Conner was nursed back to health in this warm and loving family who seemed to have everything that Conner didn't have. He liked both Ryan and Toby a lot. The brothers and their friends gave Conner something that he'd been desiring for so long . . . acceptance, friendship, and affection, and eventually even a boyfriend. Hey, Conner didn't even figure out that he was gay until Ryan and Toby came into his life.
Let's see, what words or phrases can describe Conner's life situation in this engaging coming of age gay love story?:
a) Conner's a new student at this high school and friendless.
b) He's really shy and he has an anxiety disorder which causes him to panic in social situations except ironically in one special situation.
c) His father's unknown.
d) He's an only child of a woman who despised him so he had lived with his loving grandmother until she died when he was 9.
e) He naturally hates this uncaring welfare junkie and alcoholic mother.  Hey, she once answered the door plastered and in the nude.  Imagine!
f) They lived in a broken down trailer in poverty. He was known by the bullies at school as "trailer trash."
g) He regularly gets beatings from this same mother and the numerous men she brings home. He never fights back - he just takes the beatings including from the bullies at school.
h) Conner is so afraid that he will be taken from his home by Social Services and put in a group home if they find out about his home situation, he avoids the subject at all costs.
i) Because his mother was irresponsible, Conner had to be the adult and pay the rent and other bills from his mothers welfare check as well as buy the groceries.
j) And because of all of the above, added to being rather thin and unathletic, Conner really didn't have a good opinion of himself making his self-esteem very fragile - he couldn't see how smart, talented and cute he really was.
k) He is saved because he's a good student but mostly because he is a naturally talented piano player and singer and since age 14 he's earned all of his spending money performing unofficially in a local country orientated pub/bar. On stage was where he was in another world, his sanctuary, oblivious to the audience and all of his problems.  It was there that he earned the little self-respect that he had. 
The novel has some rough edges like the brutal rape that Conner suffers at the hands of his mother who pimped him out to a low life in order to get some heroin. But this is the life that Conner is forced to overcome and so there are naturally many bumps on his road to recovery, many. The author uses open and honest language about the mental and physical process Conner goes through in his healing - like why did Conner's dead mother appear with a penis in the brutal nightmare that he had?  Answer - it represented the power she had over him for the 6 years that he lived with her.

Conner does get a boyfriend. But who is it?  Read the story to find out. You won't be disappointed. Another plus from this story is that by Conner sharing with the reader his play lists at the beginning of his several on stage performances, you come away with a whole lot of leads to really good country and rock and roll songs, especially to older tunes by Elton John, Conner's all time favorite performer.   And yes, there is some sex as the boys get older as would be normal, but the sex is a very minor part of the story, if not in their lives, ha-ha.  This is a good one.  You'll also find the story plus a cute picture of Conner at LittleBuddha's Official Site Here at Gay Authors. 
 A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite

The Girl For Me; Failte200 (iomfats); 16, 17, 18; Kevin is the girl-chasing senior varsity fullback with only barely passing grades while Daniel is a junior Advanced Placement brainiac kid who is also the back-up quarterback on the same high school varsity football team in New Hampshire.  Kevin is attracted to a beautiful girl he sees at a party in a mini-skirt... called Dani... with an i.  And wow, those legs!  But then he is shocked to realise that it is actually his fellow teammate in drag.  But that doesn't make Dani any less attractive for some strange and troubling reason.  But Kevin is smart enough to recognize the perfect blackmail situation which could help get his grades up.  So Daniel or Dani becomes Kevin's unwilling tutor and his grades in fact improve.  But then the plot really gets interesting since Kevin continues to be attracted to her or him and is mystified because he's not gay.  Or is he?  Wait until you meet Kevin's wealthy but likable uncle, the man who has Kevin's future in his hands. 

Their school is tolerant, the teachers more or less so, but the headmaster is a Neanderthal. There is plenty of scope for crisis and misunderstanding and Failte handles the plot beautifully. Well written, carefully plotted and with rounded characters that you will empathise with, I heartily recommend this 17 Chapter novella. In fact if you, your brother, son or friend have questions about the differences between gay, transgender and the whole deal about cross-dressing then I think you definitely should read this story... or give it to your mum or mom to read!   Every now and then a feel-good story comes along that makes me, well yes, feel good.  This is one.   Some sex.  This story was originally posted at Fiction Press.  Review by Solsticeman and Gary Lynn.  (April, 2013)

The Gulf between Us; Rick Beck (AwesomeDude); 14 to 21; Clay Olson is 14 and his family has to move from Tulsa to his father's new job in conservation in Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico coast. He doesn't see how he can possibly survive without the close support of his friends that he's known since... since he was old enough to make friends. Florida brings him two opportunities... Ivan, the most beautiful boy he has ever seen, and the Gulf... the most beautiful place he has ever seen.

So, what is the downside in this perfect life? Well, the setting is the 1960s. The back story's question is "Hey, Hey, LBJ, How many kids did you kill today?" It's a good question that Clay has to decide for himself. He lives in a household of older brothers... that in itself is a worry when the boxes start coming home from this controversial war in Vietnam, and the risk that one day soon he too may be out there. The alternative would be the underground route to Canada. While coping with deep questions he has to also come to understand what he feels for Ivan... Ivan's older brother Boris... and his work on Ivan's dad's fishing boat. There is also his own dad's conservation task and the growing need for career decisions. The story of all this coping is beautifully, gently and delicately told by Rick. If you like your sex slow, gentle and tastefully told then this is for you. If you are old enough, the years of protest will be a nostalgia-fest and if you are young enough or even non-US then Rick Beck will give you a feel for what those years meant to teenage boys in the USA in the 1960s. I had the Beatles in Wales, U. K., they had Vietnam. (LBJ are the initials for the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson [1963–1969]. Johnson infamously escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War starting in 1963)  Lots of loving, little graphic sex.  Review by Solsticeman. (May, 2015) 

The Scholar's Tale - Part 1 (Three chapters), Part 2 (Four chapters), Part 3 (15 chapters); Mihangel (Awesome Dude); 13 to 18 A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite - Some requests are greeted with great enthusiasm. This one was one of those. When Gary Lynn asked me to write a review of 'The Scholar's Tale' by Mihangel, I thought "brilliant, an excuse to read it again, from the beginning"... He asked for all three parts! Perfect!

The setting is England, 1956... a different world then and even more so now. For that reason a brief explanation may be in order, particularly for American readers. England has two main systems of education, public and private. To confuse outsiders, for historical reasons these are referred to as State and Public. Our Public schools are expensive and in the main they are boarding schools, where boys are grouped in "houses" for eating, sleeping and pastoral care under a House-master. Boys transfer to such a school at 13 and before that from 8 to 12 they may well have been to a prep-school, also expensive and probably boarding... at 8!

That said, Leon takes up his story at thirteen, when he enters the semi-fictional Yarborough after five years of being both bullied at his prep-school and ignored by his parents. The latter are high-flying academics who would like their cat more than their son except that the latter is better at Latin and Greek... a lot better.

A lonely, bullied child he enters the new school with trepidation. His fears are eased by the chance placement of Andrew an outgoing, pleasant and charming boy as his room-mate. Leon has a good working knowledge of Greek literature so he understands precisely why his erections and dreams centre on his new room-mate.

Athletically inclined Andrew in turn persuades Leon to see himself not as a swot (bookworm) and a weed (thin, ungainly), but as a scholar. There begins a process that Leon himself describes as rehabilitation. For the first time in his life school becomes a refuge. More than that, Andrew and his parents also become a refuge.

An English boarding school is not a sensible place to develop love for another boy. For a start it was, and probably still is forbidden to enjoy any form of sex within the school. But this is no ordinary love... it's one that has strength and durability. It has the strength to withstand unfairness and unrequitable lust while waiting for its moment.

I hate reviews that are spoilers so how it all works out, for well or ill I shall leave you to find for yourself. I can promise you happy moments, sad moments and plenty of drama. This is one of the best constructed trilogies that gay literature has produced. So if you read for more than instant gratification... start The Scholar's Tale today.  Much love, little sex.  Review by Solsticeman.   (January, 2014) 

The Secret Life of Billy Chase;  Comicality (Comicality's Shack Out Back - Gay Authors); 14 & 15; Here you will find the very private diary of Billy Chase, a young gay teen who gets into a lot of adventures and misadventures trying to figure out how to find love at his high school (or the mall, ha-ha) and still stay mostly closeted.  Billy learns through trial and error and most often the latter.  You see through Billy's eyes how his life plays out day after day through all his ups and downs.  You'll even see how Billy makes his decisions to have sex, which usually don't turn out too well, especially when his boyfriend finds out, ha-ha.  But he suffers the consequences and he learns.  This must be one of Comicality's favorite personalities as the entries keep coming which to date total 416 chapters.  Comicality says it will soon end, maybe.  It's a great read.  May 16, 2016.

Then and Now ; Freethinker (Awesome Dude); 14, 15. Toby's nickname at school is Tubby. He has no-one and nowhere to as he puts it "vomit up the angst and emo"... so he is starting a blog... somewhere he can be private in public. His dad, that he idolised, is gone, and his mother has taken up with a man that Toby refers to as his step-fuehrer. All is clearly not well in his world. Church is anti-gay and built on a Wal-Mart scale...pile em high and take their cash at the door. Worse is its youth group.... except... there is a guy he tries to sit next to who seems equally bored and antagonistic to the religious hypocrisy. 

Despite, or perhaps because of his situation he seems a well-balanced kid, more amused than angered by creative insults that his blog attracts... and then of course there is always the boy he wants to sit next to, and books, all his dad's best books, hundreds of them, and... a cute Jewish boy moves in behind them. Life could be a great deal worse. He has a friend!

It's not giving too much away if I say that when he picks up a copy of Cyrano de Bergerac he finds tucked inside it a note that his father left for him to find one day. One thing leads to another and that is a pile of journals written by his father at the same age as Toby was when he started his blog...

I guess to tell more would count as a spoiler, and I never would do that to spoil such a sweet gentle story. But... it's his father's life and his father's journals that will play a huge part in his life.

Do go read this one... I promise you that if you read reviews here then you will enjoy this story.

Now, do excuse me, I'm off to read it again, and after that I shall check that I have read all of Freethinker's other stories.  Little sex, but a lot of love and thinking about it.  Review by Solsticeman.   (April, 2014)  

Two Boys
; Rocco Paperiello (CrackerWriter); 14 to 21; What are the odds that in 1959 near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania an almost 14-year old majorly undersized and late-blooming Italian-American white boy from a middle class family would meet and make friends with a poor soon to be orphaned 15-year old normal sized but physically handicapped black boy?  Slim, right?   And then they find out that they're both gay?  Even slimmer.  And what are the chances that the friendship between Rocco and Jade develops little by little into a full blown romance, engagement and even marriage back in those Neanderthal years of the 1960s when most everybody thought that homosexuality was a serious mental illness and to be found out that you were gay was like an instant social and economic death sentence?  And what are the odds that these kids could figure out on their own through books, doctors, priests and friends that homosexuality wasn't really a sin, a choice or an illness? OK, the slimmest.  And to top off everything, Rocco was a religious Roman Catholic where the goal seems to be to make everybody feel as guilty as possible and where their iron grip of a doctrine considers homosexuality the worst of the worst of sins. 

If you can put all of the above hard to believe reality aside for the duration of this story  (Hey, it is fiction after all, ha-ha) I believe that you will find that it is a story that you'll really enjoy.  It's a long running tale that takes the story of these two lonely boys all through their high school years up until the second year of university.  Then the epilogue allows the reader to get a feel of what their lives are like once they've finished grad school and into their first jobs. What I liked about the story was the deeply felt love that these two unlikely boys had for each other that turns out to be the rock that saw them through all of their many crises.  In addition, I liked the way that the author detailed the thought processes that the boys went through as they faced and overcame every obstacle.  These boys are survivors in spite of the hostile environment in Rocco's home and the death of Jade's Mom. I also liked the part where Rocco comes out to his mother and how she handles this unwelcome and unbelievable idea that her son is a homosexual as she reads through his journal.  But be prepared to deal with one brutal man on boy rape and its consequences.  It's a heavy jolt, but it does unfortunately happen in real life and I believe the author handled it well.  And yes, there is some sex as the boys get older as would be normal, but the sex is a very minor part of the story, if not in their lives, ha-ha.  This is a good one.  
 A Gary Lynn Top 12 All Time Favorite

Unfinished Symphony; Alan Dwight (Awesome Dude); 14-15; Richard is seven when he loses his father to a drug dealing charge and a prison shiv.  He loses his mother to a drug overdose when he is 9. With a three year older brother Tim and their baby brother Joey, he is adopted by his poor and elderly grandmother. He is 14 when the story proper starts. The family is poor and he needs to earn money.  He is hired to do the gardening for an elderly gay couple, and his life changes when he meets Mark the 14 year old son of their wealthy neighbours.  Mark has liberated parents and a pool and one thing leads to another as they do.  That is, until love intrudes to turn it into a gentle tale of love between our hard-done-by hero and his more fortunate mate who has an unending stock of dirty jokes.  Life could hardly get any better. But. . . Mark has a journey to take and this time Richard cannot go with him.  An urgency develops, a need to fit everything in.

This need to fit everything in during their last summer results in the author calling a spade a spade and the frequent use of the f-word grates a little while underlining the urgency of their situation.  Well perhaps in their situation you too would swear occasionally.  
This is a beautifully told tale of love found and lost. The sex is gentle, the love genuine.  Review by Solsticeman.   (March, 2013)

W. A. R.; Jeff Wilson (Nifty); 13 - 21; I was very impressed with the depth and character development of this engrossing tale. The story is told from the point of view of the main character, Billy Roberts or William Aaron Roberts (W. A. R.). His story is filled with high and low moments as Billy has to confront so many crises from the age of 13 to 21, many of which are the result of the fact that he is gay as he eventually figures out. The first part of the story deals with how Billy is very much involved with the care of his grandmother who has suffered from a stroke and requires constant care by his mother who had to leave her nursing job. It also deals with the stress that a family feels when it has to take care of a stroke victim and then her sudden death.  But along the way, Billy's feelings toward his best friend Brett are bubbling just beneath the surface. At this young age, those feelings can be confusing. Hormones are running rampant, emotions are always on edge and there is nothing more important in the world than . . . your best friend.  Oh and yes, Billy, though very smart, has a rather short temper - which gets him in a lot of trouble. Good thing he's good at apologizing, ha-ha.  Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and the final part 6 deal with a whole lot more . . . how do you handle sexual abuse? How do you handle the fact that your two best friends hate each other? How do you handle the fact that your mother has suddenly become a homophobic Methodist? How do you deal with the death of your father? There's a whole lot more to this story than first meets the eye. So read and enjoy the ride.  Jeff handles some really sticky situations rather well. Yes, there is sex in this story, but I believe it is a minor, but integral and an appropriate part of the story.  Parts of this review are based on a review by Tarheel Writer.  Turns out that we both liked this story a lot, so why reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Wandervogel; Solsticeman (Awesome Dude); Paul=15-17, Hans=7-18; Paul admired everything about his father, Hans Kersten - a caring, kindhearted, and heroic man who gave him the appreciation and fascination of science and the natural world; a man who loved, accepted, and understood his son for being gay. Hans Kersten was a doctor - a thoracic surgeon - someone who could save people's lives. His own life, however, could not be saved in time during a family vacation when he suffered a heart attack.

Paul's world crashed and his mother grieved. Over time Paul began to heal and move forward. He then finds love with his classmate Ben, who had recently lost his mother and now lives alone with his father, Solomon Weinstein, a Holocaust survivor. Ben knows little about his family history and is eager to discover more about it. At the same time, Paul too is motivated and determined to discover his own family history, in particular, that of his father's. His father was a hero, doctor, and friend. But when Paul discovers an old Jugend Hitler Youth uniform, several passbooks dated during World War
II with references to the Reichsfuhrer-SS, an Iron Cross, and a military passbook with the title SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Hans Kersten within his father's old belongings, indicating that his father at the age of 16 was a German Major, a shroud of frightening mysteries drives Paul to 'Wandervogel', to discover exactly who his father was and to reconcile the man he knew to be his father and the man he fears his father may have been.

This fine piece of historical fiction weaves between Paul's adventures in London 1987 and of Hans in Germany 1929-1945 during the rise of Nazism. In Solsticeman's own words, "This story attempts to explore the conflict between patriotism and disapproval of brutality... between love of country and love of family and friends... between hate of the enemy and the desire for war to be over." The relationship between Paul and Ben in the light of Judaism is encouraging, touching upon the Rabbi Simchah Roth's responsum and addendum on homosexuality, "Dear David" in relation to Torah inspired prohibitions.

Join Paul in his quest of discovery and Hans on his journey through an age of power, survival, horror, love, hope, and heroism - a bleak yet touching and uplifting story skillfully crafted from both fact and fiction; science and art.

Note: Wandervogel: "A name adopted by German youth groups from 1896 and onward. It can be translated as rambling, hiking, or a wandering bird. The ethos is to shake off the restrictions of society and get back to nature and freedom."   Little sex.  Review by Lil' Octopus, May 2013

We're Working On It; Richard Norway  (AwesomeDude); 15;  Cory is a 15 year old boy who was physically abused over 3 years by his father, then thrown out of his home when the father finds out that he's gay.  Cory winds up walking in the rain along a busy highway thumbing a ride to his aunt's home in Florida. Richard is a 50 year old widower who wonders what his unmotivated life is about these days.  On his way home from work at the successful business he owns one day, he spots the boy and by the way his shoulders were drooped, his head bowed, Richard sensed that the boy’s pain might just be greater than his own that night.  But Richard had a policy to never pick up hitchhikers.  But he did this night and both their lives turned out to be much better because of this spur of the moment decision.  This is a beautifully written story filled with so many heartfelt moments and expressed feelings that grab your very heart and soul.  Cory is a thoughtful and kind boy who you will find yourself identifying with.  At the end, Cory's best friend Matt is murdered at his high school because he was gay.  I think it will be a long time before you forget what Cory says at the Memorial for his friend at his packed high school auditorium.  It's only 17 chapters but it packs an emotional wallop. 

Willy; Alan Dwight (AwesomeDude); 12-15; Gayle grows up as the youngest in a family of five - his homophobic and aggressive father, his kind yet not overly affectionate mother, his older and caring brother Adam, and Donald, the middle child who relishes in tormenting his younger brother. His early childhood memories revolve around his interest and fascination with his "willy", which brought him both pleasure and painful confusion about the negativity and embarrassment often directed at it from others. By the age of six he discovers figure skating on television as he watches the Winter Olympics, and much to his father's and his brother Donald's disgust, he develops a passion for it. By the age of twelve he takes up figure skating lessons. Donald is only given further reason to bully his brother, even recruiting his friends to join him.

His understanding of the sexual nature of the penis develops slowly and with much confusion from the things he hears among the boys at school. When his mother gives him a book on puberty and sex, although he is excited by the information and diagrams of boys and the male sex, he his grossed out upon learning how babies are made. He slowly realizes that he is different than the other boys, and he is called homophobic names without understanding what they mean. His nervous transition to middle school is marked by the hard time he has being naked in the showers with the rest of the boys after gym class, and he is teased relentlessly for it. Dexter, another boy in that class, eventually befriends him in this unlikely situation, and though they have known each other ever since they started school, Gayle finally has a friend of his own - a friend that he finds himself continually growing affections and sexual interest towards.

They hang out together, play together, pass time reading quietly as they sit or lay near one another in Dexter's home, share their interest in steam trains and soon plan out how they would go about building themselves a model railroad. Gayle's feelings toward Dexter grows as well, and so his story grows and builds as he comes to pass through the questions, fears, excitement, and challenges of a gay kid growing up, all of which are too well known to many gay kids.

Although there is already hurt in his childhood, his road goes down a painful path, and one that he must be strong and determined to get through should he hope to reach a new and better life.  10 chapters.  Some sex. 
Review by Lil' Octopus, June 2014
. . . . . . . .

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(1) Published in 1969, this beautiful work has the distinction of being the first young adult novel to deal with teen homosexuality.

(2) A Boy's Own Story: A Novel by Edmund White which I feel is overrated mostly due to the back in school like annoying vocabulary building reading exercise that is required.  Keep a good online dictionary at the ready to look up obscure words that I guess are supposed to show how this author was smarter than his average reader.  And all the while there were easily understandable synonyms available.  (Click on the Customer Reviews above for more opinions) Therefore it just barely made it into my listing at B-, mostly based on the value of the following insightful quote on pages 188 and 189 in the paperback edition (1982/1994) which expresses many a gay boy or girl's feelings who finds themselves in a homophobic home or school situation. These kids feel less than real because they can't be who they are, having to put on a performance like an actor or con man:


“Nothing I did or said among the other boys came to me naturally. As a result, in every encounter, even the most glancing, I had to be a performer, for at all times I was aware I was impersonating a human being......I wanted to be sincere but I didn’t know how. I could find no method for it except when alone.”

(3) Re-release of a Gay Classic

(K) Amazon Kindle Edition Available


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