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by Gary Lynn

These 2 prayers are very special to me.  While I was working as an English teacher I went through them every morning or early afternoon, but daily in any case.  Now that I am retired and I guess not as mentally challenged, I am still able to go though them at least 3 to 5 times a week.  They just help me get my day started out right with God by covering all the important points that I want to touch bases with Him on. And going through these printed copies line by line helps me to make sure that I don't forget something important.

Then throughout the day I constantly and alternately pray the two following short prayers over and over again but always trying to think about what I'm saying:

Help me/us get everything done today that You want me/us to get done in the way that You want me/us to get them done.
May Your will be carried out in my life/all our lives (just as it is in heaven).

I am publishing these prayers here not as a "one size fits all prayer".  They are merely a possible starting point for you. I have made many changes over the years adapting the authors' (see below) original prayers to me and my life situation.

Note 1: The personal pronouns I and we, me and us are interchangeable depending on what is most appropriate for your life situation. 
Note 2: The picture is of me, Gary Lynn, as a very happy young boy, in Inglewood, California in the year 1949. Aren't I cute in my suspenders, ha-ha?

Today is a new day, Lord, and I’m glad
Yesterday was not so good
I said some things I shouldn’t have said or
I wrote some things I shouldn’t have written or
I read some things I shouldn't have read or
I looked at some things I shouldn’t have looked at or
I thought of some things I shouldn’t have thought of and
I did many other things that I shouldn’t have done
Including having the faith of much less than a mustard seed
And not loving my family enough
Or accomplishing enough

But in Your Word, You promise that
The old has passed away
And the new has come
And when we confess our shortcomings to You
You forgive us
So here I am, Lord
At the beginning/middle of this (new) day
Asking for Your forgiveness and
At the same time humbly forgiving everyone who has sinned against me

I surrender myself to You, right now
Recognizing my total dependence on You moment by moment for each decision I make today (James 4:10)
So as I go forward from this time of prayer
And walk through this day
Help me carry the reality of Your loving presence (picture yourself being lovingly carried by Jesus)
Your ability & readiness to forgive, Your wisdom, Your understanding, and Your love
Into all that I say . . . all that I do . . . and all that I think
Starting right now

Original Basic Prayer by Carol Kuykendall in
Daily Guideposts-2001, page 22
Carmel, New York 10512

by Gary Lynn

I am available Lord to be used by You today.
Guide me, Father, and lead me in all that I say, do and think.
May my words and actions be a witness that You are indeed living in me.
To the one that is lonely, may I be a friend.
To those with heavy loads, help me to meet their needs.
And continue to strengthen us today dear heavenly Father, so that we can withstand and successfully deal
    with whatever mental or physical pain, sickness or other kind of difficult experiences come into our lives.
And thank you dear heavenly Father for everything that You have done for me, my family and the other
    important people in my life over the years, today, tomorrow and far into the future.
And I thank you for always turning my problems into opportunities to become one with You in prayer.

1) Father, guide, protect and shower Your blessings upon the following people (mentally picture each person you want blessed in your mind's eye)
2) _____________________ [Current Prayer Need]
3) _____________________ [Current Prayer Need]
4) _____________________ [Current Prayer Need]
5) _____________________ [Current Prayer Need]
6) _____________________ [Current Prayer Need]

Lord, I do not want fame or fortune.
My prayer is that You will use me to glorify Your Name because Your true name is Love.
And it is my prayer that Your will be carried out in my life and everybody’s life that are on my daily prayer
    list, including all our loved ones, today and forever, just as Your will is carried out in heaven.
And also please give us all Your grace for this one day; maybe not for a lifetime, maybe not for this week, 
    and maybe not for tomorrow, but at least for this day as we try to live one day at a time.
I know I don’t have much to offer, but I will give You my all.
So guide me today in what You want me to think, do, say and most of all, just plain old be.

P. S. - 1 Also help me/us not to forget or lose anything important today.
P. S. - 2 And continue planning and organizing our lives today, tomorrow and forever.
P. S. - 3 And continue helping me/us get everything done today that you want us to get done in the way that 
            you want us to get them done.
P. S. - 4 And help me to relax completely in Your love while I give all my worries to you.
P. S. - 5 And please have mercy on __________ and __________’s Souls for eternity. (for the dear departed)


Original Basic Prayer by Johnnie Dowdy RNC in
Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul”, page 229
Health Communications Inc.
Deerfield Beach, Florida


I also recommend the Wesley Covenant Prayer as a mental starting point for self renewal as found Here

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