Are you looking for the best way to treat your dog’s anxiety?

Friendship, exercise, fun and lotsa, lotsa cuddles, there are definitely far more pros to having a dog than a husband… and significantly less cons.

But as with anything, there are a few – and I stress FEW – negatives of having a pet pooch.

For certain breeds, dogs shedding their hair can cause an endless headache, turning what used to be a spotless house (I promise it was) into a fur-filled phenomenon.

If only there was something that could stop our adorable dogs from losing their pesky fur.

Luckily, the internet is a place where, if you’ve thought it, you can pretty much guess that someone else has whipped it into existence.

And with the pesky pooch problem being solved, your dog can return to being the cutest damn thing in the world.

But as weird as it looks, the doggie onesie has a whole host of other positives!