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A Gay Christmas Carol
by Bill W.
Chapter 5 - The End of It

As Pat began to realize where he was and what had happened, he also noticed that his son and daughter were also there, for he had apparently awakened the whole family with his outburst. Seeing his son, he remembered the visions he had just witnessed about him, and he got up from the floor and went over to hug the boy. “Remember, son,” he whispered into his ear, “there is nothing you can do that would ever make me stop loving you.”

As he pulled back, to look into his son’s face, he noticed a mixture or joy and confusion in the boy’s reaction. Knowing he would have to explain this in more detail later, and in private, he turned and hugged his daughter, before finally embracing his wife.

“I know you are all wondering what happened to me,” he began to explain, “but I think it is best to just explain that I had a dream – one that made me realize many things. Over time you will discover that I am no longer the man I once was, but hopefully the new me will be even better than I was before. I haven’t time to explain all of this now, as we still need our sleep, but I will tell you more as time goes by.”

None of his family was quite sure what was meant by all of this, but they were willing to wait until he was ready to explain himself more fully. As they all made there way to their own rooms, Pat followed his son into his room, and shut the door behind him. “I know you were confused by what I said downstairs, but I think I see things more clearly now. If you should happen to be gay or bisexual, I will love you nonetheless, and I would never drive you from our home. All I ask is that you find someone to love and love that person with all your heart. If you do that, then I will promise you that I will always love that person as much as I love you.”

His son found himself speechless after hearing this, but greatly moved, and he threw his arms around his father’s torso, pinning Pat’s arms to his side. The boy now gave his dad the biggest bear hug they had ever shared and his father kissed him on the forehead, to let him know how much he cared. Once his son released him, he hugged him back, kissed him good night, and then tucked the boy into bed, before he walked down the hall, to his own room.

When he got there, his wife was already in bed, but he made sure he kissed her, before snuggling up against her familiar frame, and then he fell into a blissful, dreamless slumber. The next morning he began to explain a little about what he had experienced to his wife, though he thought it best not to mention the news about their son. He figured it best to wait until the boy was ready for the rest of the family to learn his secret and then he’d let his son inform those he wished to know about his orientation. However, Pat did not wait before he began to change, and his first move was to change the way he preached to his congregation.

One Sunday at church, he announced that God had spoken to him and that he now realized that no man or woman could control certain traits about themselves, and this included their sexual orientation. He went on to explain that any changes groups professed to make, such as claims that they had helped a gay person to become straight, most likely came about because that individual was bisexual to begin with. Therefore, that particular person did have a conscious choice about which sex he or she would love, but that would not be possible if a person was indeed gay. He went on to caution, that if a person were truly gay, they could no more be made to be straight, than he could be made to be gay, though he no longer had a problem with that concept.

After that, Pat withdrew his support from legislation prohibiting gay unions and marriages and he also began to call for fairer treatment of all gays and their partners. He was also very vocal in suggesting that sodomy laws were not only unnecessary, but also immoral. He now asserted that the only sexual practice that was intolerable was if someone forced another person into having sexual relations that they did not want.

Pat Righteous was true to his word and became the best friend, the best parent, the best husband, and the best clergyman anyone had a right to be. In his heart he knew that what he was now doing was right and he would now manage to avoid the fate that had been previously shown to him. As his ideas began to spread and become accepted, the world became a happier, more peaceful place in which to live. From that time forward, the true spirit of Christmas began to spread into the hearts of those who had only thought they knew what it was before. At last, they finally were able to understand that the true meaning of Christmas was the fact that Jesus was born to bring love and understanding into the world, lifting the veil of hatred and bigotry, which once clouded men’s eyes.
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Based on an original story of the same name by Bill W; Copyright © 2000-2009 by BW, All Rights Reserved; used by permission; modeled after “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens; Click on the following link to go to Bill's great site. http://bwsryc.gayauthors.org/agcc/index.php
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Only this last paragraph is a true fairy tale. We all know that the cost of this new point of view for this pastor would be very severe in  the United States or Mexico in the Catholic Church and in most Protestant churches where homophobia is the normal and accepted point of view. As a priest or pastor he would not be allowed to spread this message and if he did he would be forced to resign and asked to leave the church. And this would be only the beginning of his problems if he went public with this point of view especially in Mexico.
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