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A Gay Christmas Carol
by Bill W.
Chapter 3 – The Second Spirit

This time Pat was awakened by a deep, throaty voice, which was summoning him. “Pat Righteous, come forward and know me better,” the voice roared. Pat got up and staggered into the living room, where a giant of a man, dressed in a forest green robe and wearing a wreath of holly around his head, sat lounging in Pat’s special chair. “I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,” he announced, forcefully. “Touch my robe,” he said rising from the chair. As soon as Pat did as he was requested, he found himself standing somewhere else.

“I recognize this place,” Pat announced, looking into the face of this new guide. “I was here a short time ago, with the Ghost of Christmas Past.”

“It may have seemed like a short time ago to you,” the spirit responded, but it was at least a year or more since you stood outside this abode. Look inside and see what changes have taken place.”

When Pat looked in, he could see the blond haired youth he had seen earlier, only the ghost was correct, and the boy now appeared to be a year or two older. This time the presents had already been opened, but there was no communication between the boy and his parents, and no one looked happy. “Spirit, what happened to this family? When I was here last, they seemed so happy and so close.”

The Ghost of Christmas Present didn’t respond, but merely waved his arm, causing the scene to change. This time the boy and his parents were in a heated argument. “I’m telling you,” his father screamed at him, “that I will not allow a freak to live in my house. You will give up these unnatural and unholy tendencies and behave as you are supposed to. Boys don’t love other boys,” his father spat out, “they fall in love with girls, and if you don’t come to your senses, I’ll either beat those faggy feelings out of you or I’ll have you committed to an insane asylum, until you start acting normal.”

“You think I can change who I am?” his son pleaded. “Dad, could you have chosen to be gay?”

“No, and I wouldn’t have wanted to,” he announced, glaring at his son. “You’ll go to hell if you keep this up, you know.”

“So, you say,” his son countered, “but I was born this way and there is nothing I can do to change it. If you remember, I tried dating girls, but it never felt right. I’m not attracted to them and I don’t get excited from kissing or touching them. It’s not like I have a choice in the matter...” his father cut him off.

“You DO have a choice and you’d better make it, if you know what’s best for you.”

Knowing there was no way to win this argument, the boy bit his tongue and stormed off to his room, closing the door behind him and hurling himself on his bed, crying softly into his blankets. Seeing this, Pat turned to speak to his guide.

“But the father is correct; the boy DOES have a choice. He doesn’t have to choose to be gay.”

“You truly believe that?” the spirit asked. “Did you choose to be straight?”

“No, because we are all born straight.”

“Are we?” the ghost countered, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, and the bible condemns homosexuality.”

“Did it condemn the act itself, or was it the attitude of the person interpreting God’s message? Did the Bible not also condone slavery and tell women to be totally obedient to their husbands? Times change, and so must we. When Jesus was born on this holy day, he ushered in a new way – one of love and understanding when there is any doubt. Why is it that you and others condemn homosexuality so strongly, when it is only referenced in obscure verses in the Holy Book, yet you show less anger and hostility against those who break God’s commandments? Shouldn’t adulterers, those who take the Lord’s name in vain, those who fail to keep the Sabbath, those who don’t honor their parents, or liars, thieves and murderers be considered far worse, as they have broken the laws of God? Yet, you spend your time focusing on something as trivial as whom someone loves.”

“But God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of that very sin.”

“Was it because of the homosexuality or because they were trying to force sex upon an unwilling partner otherwise called rape. Wasn't it because the visitors weren't shown any hospitality as Jesus himself pointed out?”

Pat hesitated before he answered, thinking back upon the Bible verses that referred to those events. “No, it was because they wanted to sleep with other men,” he stated, adamantly.

“So you say, but I believe that is a very misguided interpretation. Didn’t Jesus befriend a prostitute and forgive others of worse sins?”

“Yes, but not if they repeated that sin.”

“And you took that literally knowing that only God himself can never sin again. And did not God tell us in Matthew 7:1 to ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged." Isn’t that God’s job, not ours? Just as he asks us to inform others of him and his love, does he not give each person a choice to follow him? And if they choose not to follow him, are we commanded to do anything further? No, that is God’s job and we each shall answer for our deeds some day, but it is not our job here on earth to do the judging for God.

“And it is really true”, the spirit continued, “that we are indeed born with our sexual orientation intact. We don’t choose our sexual orientation. Nobody would choose to be beat up, hated (even by your own family), laughed at and humiliated by being made the butt of jokes, made to feel as if they were somehow sick or mentally defective, condemned to hell by organized religion, arrested and thrown in jail, lose their jobs, refused housing and isolated completely by society.”

“Now do you think that God would fail to love us for creating us different from others? Wouldn’t that be the same as him hating people because of their race, the color of their hair or eyes, or other things they had no control over like being left-handed? Do you really think that God only lets heterosexuals enjoy true love, sexual or otherwise, with the ones they are naturally attracted to but deny homosexuals the same basic feelings and rights? Isn't true love the same for both gays and straights? Do you truly think that God gives one set of rules to straights and another almost impossible set of rules to gays?”

Pat still wasn’t convinced the spirit was right, but he said no more, so his guide let the matter drop. Now, he found himself standing before another house he had seen before, but this time it was the home of the ebony haired youth he had visited with the first spirit. Once again, the scene inside was nothing like it had been before, and the spirit of the season no longer seemed to reside there. This time the youth inside was hurriedly packing his clothes into a small nylon bag, while his parents sat in the other room, arguing. “I won’t allow that type of behavior in my own home,” the father advised his wife. “I can’t believe our son is a fag!”

“Dear, it may only be his experimental phase. He may outgrow it.”

“Well, I told him he needed to change his ways, but he did not, and from what I saw, this is more than just experimentation.”

What did the father see?” Pat wanted to know. Without saying a word, the spirit waved his arm, and Pat was now looking through the boy’s bedroom window, a few days earlier. The boy lay sprawled out next to another young man, both with only their underpants on, and they were kissing each other very deeply and doing other things of a sexual nature. While he was watching them, the bedroom door opened and his father began to walk in, only to stop short, totally unprepared for that sight before him. As both boys struggled to cover themselves, the father regained his composure and began to scream at the teens. “I want that pervert out of my house and I never want you to see him again!” he ordered.

“But, Dad? I love him.” The boy’s eyes pleaded with his father for understanding, while both of them scrambled to get dressed.

“Love? How can you even say that? Love is for a man and a woman, not for something as perverted as this. I don’t want him in my house again,” he stated, indicating his son’s friend, “and I don’t want you seeing each other any more. If you can’t live with that, then you can find somewhere else to live.” Having spoken his mind, he left the room, giving the boys a chance to dress.

“So the boy is running away?” Pat asked the spirit.

“No, the boys continued see each other, against his father’s wishes, but they were caught. His father gave him a week to find somewhere else to live. Unfortunately, the final day of that week happened to fall on Christmas Day.”

“Well, he was given a warning, so whatever he endures will be his own fault. He should have heeded his father’s warning, as he was only making a reasonable request.”

The Ghost of Christmas Present said nothing more and merely waved his arm, and Pat now found himself back in his own living room, totally alone.
. . . . . . . . . .
Based on an original story of the same name by Bill W; Copyright © 2000-2009 by BW, All Rights Reserved; used by permission; modeled after “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens; Click on the following link to go to Bill's great site. http://bwsryc.gayauthors.org/agcc/index.php

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