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Homosexuals are like anybody else

Homosexuals (men [gays] and women [lesbians]) who are innately or naturally sexually attracted or oriented to members of their own sex are like anybody else. The only difference is who they love. They are no more (or less) likely to do evil and abusive things than heterosexuals.  I like how John McNeill puts it in The Church and the Homosexual


The true fact is that there is no such being as a homosexual, any more than there is such a being as a heterosexual: there are human beings who happen to be, relatively, heterosexually or homosexually inclined.  And these persons are as varied in their qualities and sensitivities as is humanly possible.  Consequently, to assume that any general characteristic, whether negative or positive, necessarily applies in each particular case leads to a falsification of reality.  Rather, we must be prepared to meet each individual person, whether heterosexually or homosexually inclined, on his or her own merits without the falsification of the encounter that comes from stereotypes.  Charles Curran has remarked that "homosexuality can never be an ideal."  I agreed completely. But then heterosexuality as such can never be an ideal either.  The only ideals involved in all questions of sexual orientation are the great transcendent questions of justice and love. (1)


So then why has such a large percentage of the organized church been so hateful towards them for so long? And why do the myths and misinformation continue to pervade the atmosphere and create so much hate and negativity towards homosexuals within the church and society in general? You will find out as you continue reading.  On to page 10.

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(1) McNeill, John J., "The Church and the Homosexual", Boston, Beacon Press, 1976, 1993, page 149.

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