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Does the Bible Deal with Modern Day Homosexuality?  No.
How Do We Know That?

Same Sex Male Couples Of Similar Ages Did Not Exist In Ancient Times

More and more Bible scholars, Christian leaders and informed writers (See Bibliography on page 31 or click here for the names of just a few) have concluded that there are
NO Old or New Testament passages that talk about or deal with men having sexual relations with other men (or women who have sexual relations with other women) as part of an ongoing and continuing monogamous and stable relationship of two people of the same sex who love God and are committed to doing His Will in all phases of their lives. I believe that this model did not exist in ancient times for at least a couple of reasons.

Reason number one is based on the high mortality rate and brief life expectancy in ancient times owing mostly to a lack of adequate hygiene and medical knowledge. It is my understanding that in most ancient societies the general rule was that sexual activity was strongly encouraged to be limited to and concentrated on conceiving and bearing offspring in order to ensure the community’s survival and growth.  In those times most people understood that male seed was actually all of nascent life contained right there.  They mistakenly thought that women had nothing to do with the birth, except the incubation.  So saving the male seed or semen in order to procreate was critically important in their minds. In The Church and The Homosexual, John McNeill writes: This reverence [for human male semen] had its origin in an ignorance of human physiology and the conception and birth processes.  Because there was no knowledge of the female process of ovulation, women were traditionally believed to be merely the incubators in which male seed was deposited.  Clement of Alexandria spoke of the male semen as "met oligon anthropon - something almost or about to become a man."  The idea that the male semen at emission was almost human controlled sexual theory until the biological investigations of human physiology in the sixteenth century. (1)

And under the provisions of the ancient Old Testament Hebrew Holiness Code it was even considered ritually impure to participate in any act like homosexual anal intercourse that was a misuse or waste of male seed. (2)  And for many of the ancients, as a non-generative act, it was seen as tantamount to murder. (3) Remember that there is no ability to procreate when homosexual behavior is permitted.  Therefore living situations and the resulting sexual relations were restricted as much as possible to just opposite-sex unions that could produce children. So the idea of two same age men living together as a couple would have been highly unlikely in that atmosphere.

Secondly, in Greek and Roman societies, men were dominant and macho and the women were passive and submissive. From Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, it says “Given the importance in Greek society of cultivating the masculinity of the adult male and the perceived feminizing effect of being the passive partner, relations between adult men of comparable social status were considered highly problematic, and usually associated with social stigma.” Robin Scroggs noted the following in “The New Testament and Homosexuality” page 35: “I know of no suggestion in the texts that homosexual relationships existed between same-age adults [in ancient times].” However, ancient texts were written by males of the upper classes who usually had no interest in what “unimportant” females were doing. So there could very well have been two same age women living together as a couple in ancient times but there is little record of it and in any case it wouldn’t have been very controversial since there wouldn’t have been any penetration [real sex means penetration so whatever women do would not count as sex (4)] involved in their sexual activities.


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