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Did Jesus Ever Say Anything About Homosexuality?
Christians, You’re Not Victims

If homosexuality as we know it today is so evil and of such huge importance in God’s New Testament message to us, why didn’t Jesus himself ever mention it even one time during His stay here on earth with us? It is my understanding that God sent his Son Jesus to earth to share with humankind His love, His very nature, His wishes, hopes, dreams and concerns for His creation. And He seemed to cover all the subjects that were important to Him while He was here. He even made a whip and drove the money-changers out of the temple which I believe is a good example of what Jesus did when the behavior of humans really bothered Him. So then why did He not ever, not once, talk about homosexuality if it is so evil?  Maybe the answer is that the subject of two men or two women loving each other in a lifelong relationship just wasn't a priority to Him since He considered it covered any time he talked about love.

In his book, Living in Sin?: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality, John Shelby Spong says that this "does suggest that those who consider this ‘the most heinous sin’ must be terribly disturbed that our Lord appears either to have ignored it completely or to have said so little on the subject that no part of what he said was remembered or recorded." (1)

And furthermore, if homosexuality as we know it today is so evil and of such huge importance in God’s eyes why out of all the 31,173 verses in the Bible are there at most only 8 passages that even remotely deal with it. And yet the word love appears 319 times in the Old Testament and 232 times in the New Testament in the NIV Bible; so much for having our priorities in order.

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Religious Conservatives Are the New Minority, But They’re Not Victims
By Gene Robinson in The Daily Beast
March 30, 2014

Sure, it feels bad when the world you took for granted seems to have turned against you overnight. But Christians complaining about “discrimination” should realize what real victimization looks like.

From what I read and hear, conservative evangelical Christians are feeling victimized by developments in American culture and in the ways they are being treated under new anti-discrimination laws. In ever greater numbers, they are appealing to the courts to grant them “relief” from regulations that they feel violates their freedom of religion. “Religious liberty” has become the rallying cry for a legal “remedy” to the violation of what they see as their freedom to practice their religion.

It is understandable that religious conservatives would feel uncomfortable and unsettled by recent developments in the church and in the culture. But are they victims? Is there, as many would claim, a “war on religion?”


This is especially obvious in the changing understanding about homosexuality. In ever-greater numbers, and across every religious and cultural demographic, acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people is increasing. In American religious communities, across every denominational demographic, support for equal rights for LGBT people, and particularly support for marriage equality for gay couples, is on the rise. In most denominations, that rise has resulted in majority support even when the denominational hierarchy disagrees.

Why have we seen such a sea change? Twenty years ago, most Americans would have told you they didn’t know anyone who was gay. They may have been suspicious about certain family members or co-workers, but it was not something openly talked about or acknowledged. Now, is there anyone left in America who does not know some family member, former classmate, neighbor, or co-worker to be gay?


And the result of knowing someone gay is that most people are now unwilling to believe or accept all the negative things said about us. The sky has not fallen, nor have church roofs caved in, just because gay marriage is legal in 17 states, plus the District of Columbia. Life goes on pretty much as normal, and in fact, people are seeing that marriage equality strengthens the institution of marriage, rather than undermining it.

For those religious conservatives who see something sinister and immoral in gay and lesbian couples having the right to marry, it must feel as if the moral universe has gone awry. The reaction to this development has engendered a fear that cultural morality is veering out of control. Nothing is as it should be. And it must feel to them that if such a proposition as marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples is accepted, nothing will now stop the world from careening out of moral control. That would be a pretty scary place for a religious person to live.  To continue reading click here.


The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and the IX Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire.  Follow him on Twitter @BishopGRobinson.

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(1) Spong, John Shelby, [Episcopal Bishop of Newark, NJ, USA] Living in Sin?: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality, San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1988, pages 135 - 136.

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