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The Bible Is Silent About Modern-Day Homosexuality
Cherry-Picking the Scriptures

As I have read through the Holy Scriptures and look at them as a whole I have concluded that the Bible is silent about modern-day homosexuality or stated more specifically; they simply do not address our model of monogamous, stable and loving homosexual relationships among people of faith. The writers of the Bible had no concept of long term committed, monogamous, loving relationships between two men or two women. These Biblical authors were addressing a different set of facts and, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, issued a ruling applicable to those facts. (1) So therefore while the Biblical witness on the question of homosexuality must be given the most serious attention, that to which it speaks and that to which it does not speak must be distinguished and our application of this witness applied accordingly. (2)

Selective Enforcement of Biblical Norms
The few biblical passages which condemn homosexual sexual activity are held by conservatives to be universally and inflexibly binding, whereas other texts which speak with equal force on issues such as remarriage after divorce, the accumulation of wealth, participation in violence, lending money with interest or women speaking up in church are ignored or explained away.   As Bruce Bawer writes in A Place At The Table, "Certainly one could make a long list of things that are more inconsistent with both the spirit and the letter of Christ's gospel than homosexuality: being rich, for one.  Though Christ says nothing in the gospels about homosexuality, he does say unequivocally that it would be 'easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.'  But Christians accumulate wealth and are celebrated for it."

As to which biblical laws or standards will be upheld and which abridged, the issue generally seems to come down to whose ox is being gored.  If the teaching of Scripture is sufficiently onerous on a point at which a sufficient number of believers have become vulnerable, Christians will find a way to accommodate the inconvenient scriptural passages to the "realities" of their life situation.  Examples of this process at work range from Augustine's "just war" theories of the fifth century, to the redefinition of usury in the sixteenth to the gradual acceptance of remarriage after divorced by evangelicals over the past five decades.

This being the case, it is argued, that it is both intellectually dishonest and spiritually destructive to insist on strict adherence to a half-dozen proof texts relating to same-sexual sexual behavior at the expense of gay people's needs for (and right to) emotional and sexual health and fulfillment which the straight community takes for granted for itself. (3)

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